Little Trees: Mural Installation – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

A team of ten people spent 8 hours today installing a 40′ x 8′ public olfactory art piece made of Little Trees air fresheners, on the 6th Street Mural outside The Standard, Downtown LA.

The feedback from people walking by as we were installing the mural was generally enthusiastic and positive. People were walking up saying that they could smell the mural from three blocks away, and that the combination of scents created a really interesting – and refreshing – scent. Other people claimed that we made downtown more pleasant by air-freshening an entire three block radius from The Standard. And still others asked for free Little Trees for their cars. Cheeky.

A big thanks to the team of friends and volunteers who came out to help us with this huge effort: Kamil Beski, Kendra Gaeta, Monica Seggos, Bettina Hubby, Jeff Ames, Gerg McLaurin, Shelly Ray, Megan Sallabedra, Jared Trimble, and Saskia Wilson-Brown (for the IAO). And a huge thanks to Adolfo V. Nodal, who came up with the idea in the first place.

We’re also grateful to The Standard, Downtown LA. Cool customers, they brought us ladders, smiled at the incessant, all-day hammering, and made some pretty stiff drinks for us when the day was over. Also, we couldn’t have done this without the Car-Freshner Corporation who sent us boxes and boxes of Little Trees in six scent and color combinations: Vanillarome (yellow), Margarita (lime green), Summer Linen (light blue), Bayside Breeze (light turquoise), Rainforest Mist (dark turquoise) and Sunberry Cooler (purple).

Once our hands have recovered from all the hammering, we’ll be having a reception at The Standard, Downtown LA’s comfy fire pit. Check our calendar for news about that- but expect the reception to happen in June. Party favors will include wine and – you guessed it! – Little Trees.

In the meantime, we have all the photos from the installation on Facebook here. Or click the thumbnails below for some selects!


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Little Trees: Mural Installation