Taking it down to Chinatown – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

On June 15th we’re starting a new era in the life of the IAO, moving into a 1,200 square foot space on Chinatown’s historic Chung King Road – a pedestrian thoroughfare that plays host to galleries and shops.

Chinatown_250x300This represents our third move since we launched in March 2012.

Although we’re decidedly not excited about packing up the boxes again, we decidedly are excited about unpacking them for the last time in such a dynamic, public-facing and arts-friendly new location.

In our new location we will have much more space, and will consequently be able to expand upon our current programming, including:

  • Open sessions
  • Classes and workshops
  • IN_LAB program for artists
  • Events and talks
  • Library of books related to scent
  • In-house Exhibitions related to olfaction / contemporary art
  • Partnerships with arts and educational institutions
  • The Art and Olfaction Awards

What’s even more exciting for us is that we have a three year lease agreement. This means that we’ll have the time to tailor the space to the very specific needs of our organization.

Not to toot our own horn too much, but – two years and a couple months into the life of the IAO – we feel like we are well on our way to meeting our goal of creating a friendly and open place where all feel welcome, where trust and kinship is a fait accompli, and where everyone has a chance to participate in whatever way feels appropriate to them. This move into a larger space in the heart of a gallery district represents a crucial next step: An expansion of what we have started, and a commitment to having a more permanent presence in the cultural, intellectual and olfactory life of Los Angeles.

So, that’s the news! Watch this space for related announcements: There are a lot more to come.



Taking it down to Chinatown
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