Nose Updates + New Home Interior – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

The nose campaign is going strong. Thanks to your generous contributions, we’ve raised just under 40% of our total goal in just three days. Incredible!

We’ve also been working hard on producing the noses themselves. Making molds, as it turns out, is not easy. However, thanks to Los Angeles’ healthy special effects industry (and a network of artists on Facebook) we were able to figure it out, and last night made our first nose mold! Four more to go.  Over the weekend, we’ll start making the first castings out of plaster of Paris.


mold1    mold2


In different but very related news, our friend Bettina Hubby joined us in Chinatown to check out the interior of our new home. It’s big, and there is so much potential!

Below are a few photos of the main space. What’s not pictured is a back area (which will be our walk-in perfumer’s organ), and a small loft overlooking the main room, which we are hoping to turn into a gallery space. Also: Tons and tons of storage. It really is so exciting.

Inside Inside_2


There are lots of big changes right now at the IAO and we vacillate between elation and panic. Moving into a bigger space represents a bigger financial commitment – but the benefits to our community are innumerable. The donations raised in our nose campaign will help us make the changes we need to make to the space –  and to clean it up properly for the public! So… Thank you for your generosity and support, and don’t forget to…



(you saw that one coming, didn’t you!)

Nose Updates + New Home Interior