By a nose? More like BUY a nose! – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

We’re running out of clever ways to use the word ‘nose’. However – creative block notwithstanding – we’re still nosing along to a successful campaign: With two weeks to go, you’ve helped us raise just over 65% of our $7,000 goal! Thank you!

We’ve gotten back from our holiday and have been hard at work casting the noses themselves. Have a look at this beautiful line up – featuring the Tycho Brahe on the left, the Cleopatra in the middle and the Cyrano de Bergerac on the right (it’s a peninsula)! We cannot wait to see them mounted on a wall – all in a row.




We get the keys to our new space on the 15th, and have contracted with our friends at Beski Projekts to do the construction, with us. We also have the important task of building out a studio-in-a-studio to host our dear friend and frequent collaborator Bettina Hubby – who will be cohabitating with us, and giving us the benefit of her energy, intelligence and social generosity. We’re supremely excited.

Speaking of energy, our new community in Chinatown plays host to many events, and we fully intend to take advantage of the new faces they will bring to the IAO. In order to do that, the guys at Beski Projekts will also be helping us set up an upstairs gallery – a dedicated exhibition space which will allow us to host bi-monthly, curated art exhibitions – and much more.

So… It’s all smelling like roses here at the IAO, and we’re so thrilled to be making these exciting new moves. Thank you for your continued support as we work on this necessary and exciting expansion, and don’t forget to…


By a nose? More like BUY a nose!
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