Moved In, Fully Funded: Life is good! – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

It’s not often that one is able to bask in a sense of relief, but this is one of those rare moments! Why? Because we are all finished with packing and lugging boxes!

Not only that, but we reached our funding goal with the Nose Campaign. So exciting!

Moving is no joke but the new place makes it all worth it – even if our clothes are all covered in paint. We’re still working hard on making the new HQ as beautiful as it can be, but – in the meantime – here are some before and after photos.

Bathroom: Before and After (or maybe during?)

Toilet1_Before   Toilet1_After

Toilet3_Before     Toilet3_After


Walk-in perfumer’s organ: Before and During (we’ll post an ‘after’ when we’ve finished painting and ordering all the bottles!)

Closet_Before     Closet_During


Michael Flechtner from Flektro surveying his excellent neon work!



And Jeff and Kendra of the Smelly Vials Perfume Club come for a visit – and a top secret (not really) meeting.



See you in Chinatown!

Moved In, Fully Funded: Life is good!
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