Hey Seattle! – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Seattle perfumers: We’re coming for you, and we want to hang out (on Sunday July 19th, 5-7pm).

Seattly_CalendarOn Saturday 18th of July, IAO founder Saskia Wilson-Brown is flying up to Seattle to do three workshops at the Henry Museum. One is sold out, at 1pm; one is during the Member’s Happy Hour event at 7pm, but the third one is during The Henry’s Summer Party, starting at 8pm, and is still open. We hope to see some of you there: Summer parties, after all, are what we live for!

On Sunday the 19th of July, we are organizing an informal afternoon meet-up in Seattle from 5-7 pm. The point is simple: To have a drink, discuss perfumery, share our life goals, challenges, talk philosophy and basically chat about anything (except sports).

It’ll also be a chance to learn a bit more about The Institute for Art and Olfaction as a whole, and The Art and Olfaction Awards in particular.

We’re not doing a hard sell, here. There are no time-shares involved. We just want to get to know you, and maybe pick your brains about how we can improve the Art and Olfaction Awards. ‘Cause better is better.

Seattle Meet-Up:

Sunday July 19
5pm – 7pm

Joey Kitchen at University Village
2603 NE 46th St, Seattle, WA.
206 527 6188

Are you in Seattle? Email us and let us know if you’re coming.


Hey Seattle!
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