December, 2016: What Will The Future Bring? – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

We keep hearing this question, and we want to help!

As far as the near future goes, it’s all pretty clear: Tons of classes, events and smiling-through-our-dismay to be had at the IAO. And — since crazy times call for esoteric measures — in January we host Chigaco’s pre-eminent aromatic magician at the IAO for two whole weeks. Yes: You heard us right. A magician. Who works with scent.

As for the far future? Well… Our international press corps is taking a stab at working that out. But given the tenuous future of the free press itself, we here at the IAO have decided to get our information from a more reliable source: This online magic eight ball. Go on, give it a try.

– Your friends at the IAO

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December, 2016: What Will The Future Bring?
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