March, 2017: Doing, thinking, feeling – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Have you ever heard about the life theory of doing, thinking, feeling?

It posits that every seven years we go from one dominant cycle to the next. So, from ages 0 – 7 we’d be in the doing phase, from 7 – 14 in the thinking phase, from 14 – 21 in the feeling phase. Then from 21 – 28 we’re back in the doing phase, 28 – 35 in the thinking phase, 35 – 42 in the feeling phase, 42 – 49 in the doing phase again… and so on.

Anyway: The IAO opened its doors for the first time just over four years ago, so that would mean that we’re still in the doing phase. Let’s do things, together.

– The IAO team.

p.s. Incidentally, what do you think happens when a non-profit gets into the feeling phase? Do we start to cry over our perfume bottles? Do we yell at the IRS paperwork? Do we emote over our fundraising efforts? Heck, we already *do* that.

p-p.s. We’re heading into Art and Olfaction Awards season. If you’re in Berlin on May 6, let us know.




March, 2017: Doing, thinking, feeling
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