MAY 2017: Don’t. Stop. Don’t stop. – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Our heads are spinning: The fourth annual Art and Olfaction Awards and warm and cozy summer plans for the IAO. In fact….

Somewhere outside Keflavik airport, heavy limbed from jet lag, minus her baggage and looking for a sweater, ANY sweater, to ward off the Artic spring, at least one component of the IAO team started to wonder… “Well, how did I get here?”

BUT, THEN! A glorious day of happy experimental scent practitioners sharing their practices, and a glorious night celebrating the finalists and winners of the fourth annual Art and Olfaction Awards… And all the drudgery and hard work started to make sense: Cherchez la communaut√©! Elle est belle.

While Kendra, Jeff, Julianne, Maxwell, Ben, CJ, Breanna, MIcah, Shelley, Sarah and Saskia were working their tail feathers off producing the awards in Berlin, Ashley and Susan have been holding down the fort here in LA, continuing our full program of classes and – in Susan’s case – a freeform residency devoted to exploring scents connected with modern mating (which, incidentally, begs the rhetorical question: What is the smell of online dating?)

So, now, all of us reunited under the red lanterns and unforgiving sunshine of LA’s Chinatown, we launch the summer programming with a new commitment to working more of our tail feathers off in order to allow the IAO to match its capabilities. There is, in short, so much going on this summer! Let’s start with our classes, let’s not forget Ms. Susan Barbour in residency though June, the launch of the second half of our collaboration with Getty Villa on June 17 and a couple new exciting projects to be announced… Soon.

Come on down to Chinatown and don’t forget to force feed us some coffee!

– Your friends at the IAO







MAY 2017: Don’t. Stop. Don’t stop.