October, 2017: Humblebrags – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

It’s October, and we’re seeing gold: Art and Olfaction Awards are open for submission!

As usual, we’ve got a lot happening in October (#humblebrag): Classes, an art exhibition in our experimental space curated by Leonardo Bravo, an artist talk with Bruno Fazzolari, a naturals intensive with Jessica Hannah, and sandalwood, amber and ambergris, and a four week intermediate blending class with Ashley Eden Kessler. And coffee or tea, with you, when you come to pay us a visit during our new office hours.

Mainly, though, the Art and Olfaction Awards production cycle has started, with the opening of the submissions window for our fifth annual event. We’ve gone into full submissions management mode, over here at the IAO. It’s a little bit monomaniacal, maybe, but that’s what it takes to produce a mechanism like this (#humblebrag). Certainly we can always do better, but we’re proud of what we’re accomplishing with the awards (#humblebrag).

And, well, this brings us to…

> October updates, at the IAO!



October, 2017: Humblebrags
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