Jeffrey Paul Ames – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

jeffMember of the Board of Directors

Jeffrey Paul is a compassionate and creative artist with a wealth of experience and diversity of talents in the world of beauty and Aesthetics. His tremendous skill and artistic flexibility has served to catapult him into the top ranks of the go-to Red Carpet and Editorial artists today. He has built a loyal clientele amongst celebrities, media outlets award shows and cutting edge brands in the world of beauty and fashion. Extending his love for beauty he has involved him in the world of perfume and has been studying for a few years with the Institute for Art and Olfaction as well as with in Italy.

He continues to work towards using his talents to create, inspire and awaken the uniqueness and beauty in all those he touches.

Jeffrey has been involved with the IAO since 2014, as a member of the community, and later as a member of the Smelly Vials Perfume Club. He has lent production assistance and support to the Art and Olfaction Awards since 2014.