MISSION – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

__newlogo_webFounded in September 2012 in Los Angeles, The Institute for Art and Olfaction is a 501(c)3 non-profit devoted to advancing public, artistic and experimental engagement with scent. We do this by initiating and supporting experimental projects that utilize the medium of scent, by providing accessible and affordable education in our laboratory as well as in partnership with institutions and community groups, and by celebrating excellence in independent, artisan and experimental perfumery through our yearly award mechanism, The Art and Olfaction Awards. Through these efforts, we extend the world of scent beyond its traditional boundaries of appreciation and use.

Our Areas of Focus:

We foster experimentation with scent through strategic cross-discipline projects, and by providing space for research and development in a well-stocked perfumers’ laboratory. Similarly, we facilitate innovative creative practices spanning science, technology and the popular and fine arts through project-based arts residency and research programs.

We inform the public about social and scientific issues that impact the art form, we help emergent perfumers gain greater knowledge and skills, and we provide the basics of scent education through an ongoing series of classes, workshops and lectures, both in our educational lab and with partner institutions.

We support artists and perfumers by advancing their experimental practices through ongoing creative residency programs at our Chinatown project space, and through the Art and Olfaction Awards. We launched the independent and blindly-judged awards in 2013 to further illuminate and promote the work being done in the experimental, independent and artisan scent realm.