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Accident_bottle_2Own a bottle of the project that was named ‘Best Perfume Images of the Year’ for 2013 by EauMG, and ‘Best Collaboration’ for 2013 by CaFleureBon with our start of year sale.

The IAO invited perfumer Brent Leonesio to collaborate with artist and provocateur Austin Young on a limited art edition: Austin Young’s ‘Accident’ by Brent Leonesio.

‘Accident’ comes in a black glass stopper bottle that was hand-transformed by Young in keeping with the style he developed through over 30 years of photographic and experiential arts practice. For the perfume itself, Brent Leonesio set out to find olfactory beauty in unexpected places. Leonesio describes Accident as ‘the lingering whiff of gasoline on your fingertips that you can’t stop sniffing; the familiar and the strange; the contrast elucidated when exotic floral extracts hold hands with other-worldly aroma chemicals. Accident is a collision of ideas, a harmonic discord.’

> Watch Deven Green for Accident on Youtube, here
> Click here to read more about the collaboration 

Notes: Gasoline vapor, Perfume spilled down a bucket seat, Safety glass, A smoking tire, A last minute dab of face powder, The smell of a mechanic.

Limited Edition of 100 hand-transformed 40ml bottles.
Each bottle arrives in a numbered box.
Each bottle is hand-assembled in Los Angeles.
Each bottle is different.

Please note: This perfume is intended as an art object, and – like all things in life – is designed to fall apart. Paint will eventually flake off, string will unravel… This is all intentional. It’s an Accident, after all.

Austin Young’s Accident by Brent Leonesio
Limited Edition of 100 40ml bottles
$95.00 + shipping & sales tax, where applicable

Accident is not currently for sale online.