CHAD CLARK – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Architect, Interior Designer, Exhibit Designer and founder of Defying Gravity Studio, Chad Clark has established a career within the world as a designer of all things from art galleries, exhibits, commercial and residential interiors to conceptual environments.

Chad’s focus lies in maintaining individual self-expression for himself, as well as his clients. Chad bolsters his client’s personas and projects by creating with them designs that not only succinctly express their intentions, but also their personalities and the nature of how they live and work.

Chad is an expert at organizational development, and has served as president of the Board of Directors for Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions as well as Director of Design for Los Angeles’ seminal PopTART Gallery.

He holds a Masters of Advanced Design from Columbia University and his broad and varied experience has developed from working in New York City, Vienna, Los Angeles and, now, Paducah Kentucky.

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