Accord Building Classes – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Ashley_250pxJoin independent perfumer and frequent IAO collaborator Ashley Eden Kessler as she leads us through the structure of accords in her monthly, hands-on accord-building classes.



For perfumers looking to expand their technical prowess, Ashley Eden Kessler shares her professional training as she leads students through classic accord structures.

We will be continuing our journey through the pantheon of materials, but you can join us anytime. We will periodically offer catch up sessions for people who missed past classes.

By attending any class in this series, an emerging perfumer will expand their capabilities and training, and gain the materials knowledge to add the classic accord staples to their arsenal.

In every class the students review and smell the materials and components of an accord, then collaborate to build the best version of the accord as a group. Some small breakout group time is also provided, where we team up to make variations.

Some prior experience greatly encouraged, but not strictly required. We add new classes monthly. Email us at if you have a request!

Check our calendar for upcoming accords classes

Past Classes:

Lilac – May 2017
Violt – April 2017
Tobacco – April 2017
Amber and Ambergris – January 2017
Oud Accords – November, 2016
Fig Accords – September 20, 2016
Violet Accords – August 22, 2016
Beach and Marine Perfume Accords Intensive – August 13, 2016
Gardenia accord – June 4, 2016
Tuberose accord – May 21, 2016
Floral Accords: Weekend Intensive – March, 2016
Tobacco accord – February 2016
Leather accord – December 2015
Fig accord – September 2015
Animalic accords – Jan. 2015 / June 2015
Chypre accord – Dec. 2014
Woody accords – Sep. 2014
Muguet accord – Jul. 2014
Orange blossom accord – Apr. 2014
Jasmine accord – Mar. 2014
Rose accord – Feb. 2014



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