Elements of Nature – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

DK_250pxElements of Nature is a series of classes presented by Daniel Krasofski, demystifying the aesthetic and therapeutic usage of aromatic materials.



For millennia, plants have been used as medicine, nutrition, artistic expression and personal adornment. This series will help explain the art of perfumery as well as give helpful tips to enhance your lifestyle through the usage of aromatic material.  The series was created by drawing on over 20 years experience in the holistic traditions of Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, the Health Spa industry and the passion for Perfumery knowledge. Over a series of classes, Daniel Krasofski will delve into many topics to illuminate their practice, implementation and relevance in relation to perfumery, healing arts and a balanced lifestyle.

Each session will have a topic that will be discussed in-depth as well as smelling exercises. When specified, some sessions will be more hands-on, laboratory style sessions, thus incurring a lab fee.



EON #1 – June 2014
Ayurveda: Fundamentals and its modern interpretation of essential oils
Introducing a technique for scent memorization, explaining the basics of Ayurvedic elemental body typing and how to use specific essences to compose a perfume based on the Ayurvedic elemental model.

EON #2 – August 2014
Ancient Wisdom & Modern Chemistry
Explore the aromatic relationships between ancient Indian knowledge and modern organic chemistry.



When we host a class or workshop, we often order the materials to be used in the class well in advance. With that in mind, here is our refund and cancellation policy:

– Cancellation and refunds requested more than 1.5 weeks before the class: No problem! We’ll miss you, but will 100% refund your spot.
– Cancellation and refunds requested less than 1.5 weeks before the scheduled class: We refund you 50%. Why? Because we already ordered the materials.
– Cancellation and refunds requested AFTER the class has happened will not be granted.