Mechanics of Scent Workshops – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

MOS_2The Mechanics of Scent workshop series aims to create a fun and collaborative space to explore mechanical, technical, playful and digital solutions for some of the challenges presented when working with perfume.

During the informal workshops, we invite artists, perfumers, designers, coders and mechanical minds to explore the technical and prototyping side of working with scent. Together, we hope to come up with DIY solutions and hacks that are effective enough to be used in installations, projects and public interventions.

If we fail, we’ll at least have fun trying.

Any findings will be shared with the public in a series of blog posts.

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MOS_1July, 2016 – Motion Sensitive Scent-Robots
Led by Chris Weisbart, a collaboration between Machine Project and the IAO
In this two-part workshop, Machine Project and the IAO led a thorough exploration of the components of scent robots. We examined strategies, and created Arduino-based motion sensitive scent dispersal machines.

Sep, 2015 – DIY Scratch and Sniff
Led by Saskia Wilson-Brown
As a group, we’ll explore the technicalities and historical uses of scratch and sniff. Then, we’ll try our hand at replicating some of the DIY techniques circulating in the world. By experimenting with the tools and materials available, we hope to come up with the very best  scratch and sniff solution. We published the results of the workshop in a blog post.

July, 2015 – Scent Gaming
Led by Simon Niedenthal
In this workshop, Simon Niedenthal led the group through gaming scenarios that incorporated scent. Participants prototyped scent games, built on the fly scent-machines, and tested various scent gaming strategies. Simon Niedenthal is an Associate Professor of Interaction Design at Malmö University in Sweden. His research explores the history and potentials of smell-enabled gaming and the playful uses of scent.


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