Talks and Lectures – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

ClausThe IAO hosts talks and lectures by experts from around the world, and on topics related to scent in the broadest way imaginable: From molecular science to technology, social theory to history.



Highlighting research by scholars, scientists, technologists, artists and perfumers from around the world, we host talks and presentations both at the IAO and at partnering institutions.

Past talks have included the social science of art and perfume by Dr. Claus Noppeney, a look at synesthesia by Dr. Avery Gilbert, an aromatic literary salon with John Steele, an exploration of the world’s first scent-based mobile messaging platform by David Edwards, the use of aromatics in ancient India by Dr. James McHugh, and much much more.

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intensiveEducation that goes deep: Our intensives range in topics from introductory explorations of the basics of perfumery, to developing special projects with a creative brief, to accord-building, to candle-making and much more.

We host these intensives on a quarterly bases at the IAO HQ.

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When we host a class or workshop, we often order the materials to be used in the class well in advance. With that in mind, here is our refund and cancellation policy:

– Cancellation and refunds requested 2 weeks or more before the class: No problem! We’ll miss you, but will 100% refund your spot.
– Cancellation and refunds requested 2 weeks or less before the scheduled class: We refund you 50%. Why? Because we already ordered the materials.
– Cancellation and refunds requested AFTER the class has happened will not be granted.