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Give the gift of learning with an IAO Gift Certificate.

giftcerts_post3They say that the best gifts are experiences.

We totally agree.

There’s something about the experience of tinkering with perfume materials that tames the wildest beast, that un-stresses the most tense worker-bee, and that helps us place ourselves in the front and center of our own minds.

When you’re blending beautiful fragrances together, you can only be in the here and now; a kind of meditational practice that also challenges your brain. There is – after all – some science to it, and quite a bit of making order out of chaos. It’s an amazing experience, and we’re pleased to host these experiences on a regular basis, in affordable classes, workshops and open sessions at the IAO.

Sold? Great! Now go spread the gospel.

You have the power to unlock this marvelous world for a loved one or friend, or even for an irascible, intransigent, irritable co-worker. You can do this simply by getting them a gift certificate – good for all classes and products at the IAO.

Then, deed done, sit back and watch them tumble (happily) down the rabbit hole. They might make you something grand as a thank you, but at the very least they will be chiller, happier and (if they do their job right) better-smelling people.

All this through one little 2.75″ by 4.25″ paper card.



Designed by Micah Hahn at, our lovely gift certificates come in your choice of three beautiful designs: Green boudoir bottle (with pump spray!), pink classic  square (understated!), and contemporary orange (inspired by one of our favorite perfume brands). On the back, the cards feature a fun connect the dots game, and of course all the personalization you could want.

Printed on thick card stock in glorious technicolor, each gift certificate comes housed in a sleek,  static-electricity proof silver pouch – all the better to contain the magic within.

Yeah we said magic.

There’s magic in these designs. There’s also magic in what you do with them.



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