Group Sessions – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

groupsessThe Institute for Art and Olfaction hosts private group sessions for museums, sales teams, university classes, social clubs, corporations, non-profits and more.

Class structures are adaptable, changing based on the needs and particular interests of the group. However, we most often include two or more of the following modules:

A brief history of perfumery: From Taputti to Molecule 01, we’ve got you covered.
Understanding perfume materials: A brief rundown of what’s in the bottle, and basic perfume materials education.
Nose training: Smelling sessions and stretching our collective vocabulary about scent.
Group blending sessions and/or individual blending: Spend some time with the materials and blend your first formula, as a group or as individuals.
Special topics: What’s your group interested in? We can adjust materials selection and discussion to your needs.

All sessions start with a brief discussion about health and safety.

We can host up to 16 people at a time in our space, for sessions that range from one to three hours. We also often visit external spaces, and can accommodate as many people as your space will hold.

To book a private group session, or for more information about customizing the session to your needs (and rates!), please contact us at We’ll get back to you in a jiffy.