Internships – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

We are seriously committed to education and access at the IAO, so believe us when we say that this will not be one of those coffee-getting, abuse-taking, data entry heavy internships (we’ve been there, and they suck). Rather, we are committed to creating a supportive experience, with the opportunity to learn all about running an arts non-profit, and to develop your own creative ideas in a supportive and honest environment. Consider it a new version of the old fashioned concept of apprenticeship.

In exchange for your time and service you will receive:

  • The opportunity to help shape a fast-growing emergent arts organization
  • The chance to work with all-star cast of artists and institutions
  • A supportive environment with open access to our collective knowledge base
  • A deep understanding of what it takes to run an arts-based non-profit (your parents will thank us when you run screaming to the financial sector, instead)


We currently have need for two part-time interns.

Residency Project Internship: Help us with our residency projects for 2012 and 2013. The internship will focus on the following skills: Project production, budgeting, arts management, and artist, museum and gallery relations. The ideal candidate will have interest in curation and arts management, a love for research and development, a good head on their shoulders, diplomacy and a cool demeanor, transportation, and a heckuva way with a pen. Expectations: Minimum of 3 hours a week, 2 month commitment.

Library Internship: Help us set up a tracking system for our burgeoning library. The internship will focus on the following skills: Library data systems development, software research, donations tracking, and borrowing systems. The ideal candidate will be savvy with the internets, will have a problem-solving disposition, will be completely and proudly nerdy about systems, will be capable of transporting themselves to and from downtown LA, and will possess a serious aversion to chaos. Expectations: Minimum of 3 hours a week, 2 month commitment.


What makes you the person for the job? Send your resume and a brief statement to