Katie Puckrik – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Katie Puckrik is a broadcaster, journalist and performer – and with the success of her popular YouTube channel and blog, Katie Puckrik Smells – a respected authority on perfume.

Launched in 2008, Katie Puckrik Smells was the first fragrance channel on YouTube, and established Puckrik as an influencer and tastemaker for millions of loyal viewers.

Katie Puckrik Smells now dominates a crowded field as the most-watched perfume show on the Internet. Her approach is akin to storytelling: vividly exploring not only the scent itself, but the emotions it triggers and the identity it confers on the wearer.

Puckrik’s British and American TV series include The Word (Channel 4), The Sunday Show (BBC2), Pajama Party (ITV, Oxygen), and Who Needs Hollywood? (Oxygen), and her writing on culture, entertainment and lifestyle is read in a range of publications including the Guardian and Elle.

She has danced with DV8 Physical Theatre, the Michael Clark company, and the Pet Shop Boys, and has sung with iconic cult band Sparks in their opera, The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman. Reviewers have called her memoir, Shooting From the Lip, “Gonzette journalism…an ammunition-packed bad girl’s guide to life.”

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