LOVE POTION NO. 9 – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Love Potion No. 9 is a one night scented event, for singles who really want to meet someone. The event is a loving collaboration between Bettina Hubby and the Institute for Art and Olfaction.


LovePotion_Poster_FINALWe are inviting you to be prepared to participate in a fulfilling and thought-provoking olfactory art project. Although we will make every effort to help you find the love of your life, it could be that he or she lives in Shanghai, or that she or he didn’t fill out a form! We do – however – believe that you will have a fun time, as we have systematically removed as much ‘awkward’ as we could from the experience.

Participants can be gay, straight or bi
Participants can be female, male, cis/trans
Participants must be 25 years old + up

Please note that we will adjust the groups and call times based on the number of people who fill out our profile form, and the bent of their love. Depending on interest, we may have a group that is gay-only, a group that is straight only, or we may even add a secondary night.

Each participant will leave with a small bottle of scent, created on-site, based on their interactions.

Our first event on February 12, 2015 sold out.



LovePotion_IMGEach person who arrives at the event will be assigned a pseudonym, a one-note scent unique to them (based on their profile form), an empty bottle for their personal formula, and a participation form, upon which they will rate their interactions on our extra-special, pretend-patented Romantic and Sexual Potential Scale (RaSPS).

During the introductions part of the night, participants will be randomly assigned interactions with the other attendees, spending a specified time period with one another – and utilize our impromptu ice-breaker questions related to scent during each interaction. After each encounter, everyone will rotate.

The interaction will be rated one through five by each participant – with 1 for ok and 5 for wow! The score will determine the amount of aromatic material in each participant’s personal formula. Thus, more positive interactions will result in a bigger impact on the finished personal formula. As an example, for every point Ms. Lilac scores to the interaction with Mr. Clove, the emcees will add a drop of clove to Ms Lilac’s personal formula. If Mr. Myrrh assigns 4 points to Mr. Cedar, four drops of cedar will be added to Mr. Myrrh’s formula.

At the end of the introductions, we will host a happy hour with alluring refreshments, group activities, and bonding exercises — all hosted by lovely emcee Bettina Hubby. While the participants hang out, your friends at the IAO will whip up the individual formulas. Each participant will leave with their own bottle of scent, containing an aromatic mixture based entirely on the quantity and perceived quality of their interactions. Envelopes will be handed out at the end of the session to connect personal matches (deemed to be mutual ratings of 4 or 5).

LovePotion2We also produced an overall Love Potion No. 9 based on the evening’s interactions.

It’s like speed dating, minus the awkward.



Bettina Hubby is a Los Angeles based artist who consistently branches off into roles of curator and project coordinator, utilizing and promoting a diverse community for topical explorations. Hubby’s good-natured and tongue-firmly-in-cheek work includes throwing art infused dinners at contentious construction sites, opening a shop full of rocks and eagles in a disused storefront in Eagle Rock, and re-examining the institution of marriage by staging a curated wedding.

Saskia Wilson-Brown is the founder and director of The Institute for Art and Olfaction, which she started in 2012 as an experimental arts organization devoted to practices that incorporate scent.

Austin Young is a Pop-Culture Architect, photographer and trans media artist. Young has been documenting pop, sub, and trans culture since 1985 through portraiture. Young’s video works play with pop-culture and camp, celebrity, gender and identity. Young is also co-founder of Fallen Fruit, an art collective who use fruit as a common denominator to change the way you think about the world.

Steven Rimlinger is a photographer, editor and filmmaker. Steven’s practice is as diverse as his interests. His company – Square Footage – provides high quality media for marketing residential and commercial property.

Barbara Hubby is Bettina Hubby’s most consistent collaborator. She has worked with her daughter in countless ways: From knitting dozens of table-top traffic cones to coming up with aphrodisiacal drink recipes.

Special Musical Guests: Tommy Jordan, Harlan Steinberger, Richard (Roof Dog) Barnes and Jelani Felix as NUDO