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Join our expansive and vibrant community and support the Institute for Art and Olfaction as a member. When you become a member, you are committing to helping this unique, genre-bending non-profit grow, thrive, and advance our mission for public engagement and artistic experimentation with scent.


Our members are special people, and play an integral role in the IAO and all its related programs by ensuring the long-term survival of the organization.

Membership has some creature comforts as well, at all levels. These include:

A Superhero Badge – An official IAO membership card to flash
Magnets, Stickers and Pins! Oh my! – We make things periodically, and when we do, we send them to you.
Savings – We have great classes and workshops, and members receive a standing 10% discount on qualifying events and classes held at the IAO (this does not include events held at partner institutions)
Special Events – We host members-only events yearly, including our legendary semi-annual holiday party
Tax Deduction – We are a non-profit, and donations are tax deductible
Flexibility – We offer all membership levels with options: A once-yearly donation, a quarterly donation, or a monthly recurring donation

All recurring donors receive membership privileges for the duration of their commitment.

If you don’t want to be a member but still want to support the IAO, simply use the form at the bottom of this page to make a one-time donation. We’ll send you a special note in the mail, and consider you our special friend with no strings attached.



Membership Levels

Here is a handy visual guide to membership levels. Use the form at the bottom of this page to pledge your support.

Galaxolide Level
$120/year ($10.00 / month)



 Aldehyde Level
$240/ year ($20.00 / month)



 Jasmine Level
$480/ year ($40.00 / month)



 Mitti Attar Level
$900 / year ($75.00 / month)



 Mysore Sandalwood Level
$1,500 / year ($125 / month)



 Ambergris Level
$3000 / year ($250 / month)


Select your level, and process your donation using the form below!

Remember that all recurring donations carry membership benefits. In addition to that, they carry the following responsibilities:

+ Your name will be on the internet: You are aware that all names and donor levels will be published on our website, unless anonymity is specifically requested.
+ You will receive occasional communication: You are aware that the IAO will send you an occasional members-only email.
+ Good things sometimes end: You are aware that all membership discounts and benefits apply solely for the duration of the membership. You are also aware that the IAO has the right to revoke membership privileges, and cancel recurring payments, at their sole discretion.

If you have any questions about membership, or would like to discuss personalized donation levels, please email us at

Don’t want to be a member? No problem! Make a one time donation, and we’ll consider your our long-term friend, with no strings attached.

Thank you.