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Our Adopt a Nose campaign helped us raise 125% of our $7,000 goal. Thank you to all who participated!



Nose_Icon_CIRIn June 2015, the IAO is making its second and final move (for a while) into a 1,200 square foot store front space in Los Angeles’ historic Chinatown.

In our new location we will be able to expand upon our current class and workshop offerings,  continue hosting artists-in-residence through our IN_LAB program; start a lab-share program for visiting perfumers; provide a roster of events and talks; and curate and host exhibitions related to olfaction. We will also be able to expand upon our lending library and archive, with a reading and sniffing area that is open to the public three days a week.

Two and a half years into the life of the IAO, we are well on our way to meeting our goal of creating a friendly and open place where all feel welcome, where trust and kinship is a fait accompli, and where everyone has a chance to participate in whatever way feels appropriate to them.

We are calling upon our community to help support this expansion – and the possibilities it creates – in our second large-scale fundraiser.

Our goal is to raise $7,000 by June 30, 2015. Funds obtained will allow us to make the necessary improvements to the space:

Architecture: Refurbishing and adding walls
Furniture: Two new work tables, shelving, and safer work-chairs
Materials: A good refrigerator, a larger selection of aromatics
Library: Expanding our library and creating a permanent library of historic materials

With a donation at any level you will be supporting the material needs of this new space, and helping the IAO fulfill its mission to create a global locus for artisan, independent and experimental perfumers, as well as for contemporary artists working with scent.

As a public thank you for your support and goodwill, we will create and exhibit a sculptural rendering of a historical proboscis, named in your honor and mounted at the IAO in a permanent installation – a wall of noses, facing the window for all to see (see image, at right).




His nose lost in a duel sparked by a passionate debate about mathematics, larger-than-life Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe had a way with science, but – sadly – not such a great way with defensive maneuvers. But, never fear! Smart guy Tycho promptly replaced his missing nose with a gold facsimile.

Support your very own slice of scientific history by sponsoring a gilded nose: Life-sized, it will be mounted on a tile, tipped with gold, and marked with your name.

Cleo_Circle$175 – THE CLEOPATRA

The generous size of Cleopatra’s nose was equated with the strength of her character, leading Blaise Pascal to muse that had her nose been smaller, things might have gone quite differently for the Roman Empire. Presumably, her riches and intelligence may have had something to do with it, too.

Sponsor the IAO with a gesture of royal largesse by adopting a regal nose. Cleopatra’s nose will be life-sized, mounted on a tile – with your name writ large.


A peninsular nose, ridiculed by snarky courtiers and defended wittily by illustrious match-maker, Cyrano de Bergerac:

“You can’t see a nose like that go by, in state
without crying out: ‘Ah no, they exaggerate!’
Then you smile: ‘He’ll soon take it off.’ But never,
Monsieur de Bergerac doesn’t remove it, ever.”
(Edmond de Rostand, ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’)

Cyrano’s nose – or at least our interpretation of it – will be larger-than-life sized and mounted on a tile, with your name on it.


Your nose has gone missing? Let us Gogol that for you.

“In a terrible panic Kovalyov asked for some water and rubbed his eyes with a towel. No mistake about it: his nose had gone. He began pinching himself to make sure he was not sleeping, but to all intents and purposes he was wide awake. Collegiate Assessor Kovalyov sprang out of bed and shook himself: still no nose!”  (Nikolai Gogol, ‘The Nose’).

Gogol’s nose will be missing: Maybe it will return to its roost, one day. In the meantime, your name will take its place on the tile, with pride. Note: Five random donors at the Nikolai Gogol level will be assigned a limited wild card nose: The Modified Pierrot.

colabbonose$TBD – COLLABO-NOSE

Want to help, but don’t want to commit to a full nose? Never fear! Donate what you can and we will combine people into nose groups, with three people’s names listed per nose. It’s a collabo-nose.

Send us any amount with the link below, and we’ll be sure to thank you in spades. Additionally, we’ll create several shared noses, with names marked loud and clear, mounted on 3″x3″ tiles and affixed to our wall of noses at the IAO’s new location in Chinatown.




Noses_progress_250x250_CIRThe Noses:

– Each nose has been hand-created by IAO creative director Micah Hahn and IAO founder Saskia Wilson-Brown at their studio in Los Angeles
– Each nose will be cast in plaster, and affixed to a 3″ square tile
– Sponsored noses will be named after their benefactor
– The noses will be mounted in the order they were received, affixed to a wall at the IAO in a semi-permanent installation

Further Benefits:

– Every nose adopter will be publicly thanked on social media (unless anonymity is requested)
– Every nose adopter will be publicly thanked on the IAO website (unless anonymity is requested)
– Every nose adopter will be invited to our housewarming party, in July 2015
– Nose adopters at the Gogol level and above will receive a 10% discount on classes and workshops through October, 2015

The IAO is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible in the US. Please check with your accountant for more details.



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