ONGOING PROGRAMS – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

The Institute for Art and Olfaction offers ongoing support to the perfumery and arts communities in Los Angeles and beyond through both large-scale and small community-specific events. Through these programs we hope to foster community and encourage mutual support.



We further the use of scent in contemporary arts practices by initiating, exploring and supporting creative projects that incorporate an olfactory element.

– In-Lab Arts Residencies/Exhibitions: Short term residencies and exhibitions for artists, highlighting work by local and international artists.
– Ongoing Projects: Working with artists to support long-term projects that incorporate scent, on a project-by-project basis
– Special Exhibitions and Events: In collaboration with artists and partnering institutions.



We provide accessible perfume education programs for students of all levels and interests through our in-house laboratory-based programs, our library of perfume related books, and lectures and workshops in the larger community. We offer:

– Open Sessions: Affordable, hands-on, knowledge-share open sessions, since 2013
– Talks and workshops: In-studio talks related to special topics in perfume history and culture
– Perfume Education: Advanced classes designed to help build skills in perfumery
– Community Education: Partnering with institutions to present topic-specific lectures and workshops



We support and foster the perfumery and arts communities in Los Angeles and beyond through community-specific events.

– The Art and Olfaction Awards: A yearly awards mechanism created to celebrate excellence in independent and artisan perfumery. More information.
– Residencies: Supporting people with independent perfumery practices at intermediate to advanced levels, who want to work on their formulas in the heart of an active community.


For upcoming events, visit our calendar.