#POTM – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Do you know the #SOTD meme, so prevalent on social media?

Well, we’re taking it a step further and doing our own version, live-and-in-person, IRL, and all that. We’re calling it #POTM, and it’s a simple and obvious way to introduce new brands to the good people of Los Angeles.



#POTM stands for “Perfumer of the Month”, a simple and descriptive name for this new program, which launched in January 2018 at the IAO.

POTM will feature up to six scents from one independent or artisan perfumer’s line at the IAO in Los Angeles, on a monthly basis.

We started this program in order to help our community and visitors discover new brands, and to highlight the muliplicity of perspectives from brands, from all over the world.

> Visit the IAO
> Submit your brand for consideration



2018_01_BarutiJanuary 2018 – Baruti

Perfumer/Brand Owner: Spyros Drosopoulos

Featuring: Chai, Dama Koupa, Tindrer, Indigo, Berlin im Winter, Onder de Linde, Voyance and Nooud

About: Baruti is an experience. The brainchild of Spyros Drosopoulos, under which name he releases his most personal creations. The perfumes are designed like personae, they have a full blown character of their own which melts with that of the wearer.

After a career in science, Spyros traded his research and teaching activities for a life as a perfumer and brand owner “what I love about making perfumes is that it is a technically challenging process and a highly creative one at the same time. As a person I am what you call a “novelty seeker”, I just love to explore. This reflects in my work as well, I always look for new materials, new combinations or twists to tell novel and interesting stories.”

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Are you interested in participating?

We have some participation conditions. Please review the points below, and find a link to our online participation form.

+ Although we are open to all brands, we give preferential treatment to brands that do not have already distribution in Los Angeles.
+ By participating, you are responsible for sending us a selection of your line (up to six perfumes).
+ We accept scents in sample form, but would require at least one bottle to display.
+ We accept (but do not require) promotional materials, limited to: Table-top signage (not to exceed 10 in. / 25. cm square), branded scent strips, take-away postcards or flyers, give-away samples. Promotional materials beyond those listed above are not accepted.
+ There is no cost to participate.
+ Perfumer and/or perfume brand is responsible for the cost of shipping the perfume samples to us.
+ We are not able to ship samples or promotional material back to you: All samples and bottles will be kept in the IAO archive.
+ By participating in the #POTM program, you agree to allow the IAO to promote your brand in our monthly email blast, and in any online and social media promotion.

Note that we are not selling perfume at the IAO. The program’s purpose is to allow people to experience new work, and buy it from the perfume brand’s existing sales outlets.

+ Please take a moment to fill out some basic information about your brand here
links to Google Form:

Thank you!