SVPC – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

SVPCSmelly Vials Perfume Club (SVPC) is a collaborative perfume club rooted in an ethos of experimentation, knowledge-sharing and a gonzo approach to creativity.

SVPC was created in the summer of 2014 as an informal bi-monthly blending session for the IAO’s most regular attendees.

The club’s goal was simple: To help people learn by providing more experimental lab time. By working together in an open and inclusive manner in a low-stress and supportive environment, the SVPC members were able to explore the full panoply of the IAO’s aromatic materials, and to obtain further instruction and knowledge from each other.

SVPC has since grown into more formalized collaborative perfume practice. Although individual members work on personal projects, there is a strong culture of shared information, and the group has evolved – now often working on larger projects, as a team.

SVPC may well be the world’s first punk rock perfume-blending collective, and the members play a core role in the survival and expansion of the IAO as a whole. Indeed, members are involved in many aspects of our programming and projects, from the awards to special events.



with Ghost Hunters of Urban LA
Launched October, 2015
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a smelly zine
edited by Maxwell Williams, featuring contributions by Ben Chase, Zoe Crosher, Peter de Cupere, Cat Jones, Sophy Naess, Sean Raspet, Klara Ravat, Bert Rodriguez, Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, Laurel Schwulst, Sydney Shen, Miriam Simun, Clara Ursitti, Christine Wang, and Martynka Wawrzyniak.
Launched May, 2016
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SVPC250px2The current roster of active Smelly Vial Perfume Club members include:

Ben Chase: Artist
Julianne Lee: Arts Administrator
Jeffrey Paul: Hair and Makeup Artist
Kendra Gaeta: Marketing and Branding Consultant
Minetta Rogers: Architectural Administrator
Maxwell Williams: Writer
Saskia Wilson-Brown: Founder of the IAO

At-large members include: Christine Giberson, Zandra Foreman, Brooke Patterson, Spring Lee

The Smelly Vials Perfume Club is currently closed to new members.

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