2017 – Experimental Scent Summit – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Curated by Klara Ravat + Saskia Wilson-Brown (for IAO)
May 5, 2017, 11am – 7pm
Silent Green Kulturquartier, Berlin



The IAO is thrilled to team up with artist Klara Ravat to present a full day of informal talks, round tables and workshops relating to experimental practices with scent. The first summit of olfactory artists, participants will share their work and discuss their issues in an open and unrestrained environment.

The day will be broken down into several sections, covering the following topics:

11:00 – INTRODUCTION: Klara Ravat & Saskia Wilson-Brown

11:10 – SCENT EXPERIENCE: Andreas Wilhelm

+ 11:45
Ashraf Osman: Presenting scent
+ 12:05 Ramia Puzicha: Presenting Per Se, Berlin
+ 12:25 –  Leanne Wijnsma: Presenting Smell of Data
+ 12:45 –  Daniela Gesundheit: Collaboration with Evaporation (the symbiosis of music and scent)

Moderated by Klara Ravat
An open moderated conversation about the issues we face when working with scent in an experimental capacity. How can we redirect the idea of scent? How can we better use scent to tackle social problems/social change?  How can we use scent to tell better stories? How can we better use scent in the context of art, technology?
+ Eddie Buliqui
+ Andreas Wilhelm
+ Olivia Jezler
+ The group at large

Kubus_tall2:00 –  LUNCH BREAK

Moderated by Saskia Wilson-Brown
Three participants have 7 minutes to share a new idea, ask a question or present a project to the group at large, followed by a 7 minute discussion.
+ 2:45Sarah Baker: Disrupting high fashion
+ 3:00 – Ben Chase: Imitations of Life – The Knockoff
+ 3:15Hortus Apertus: New projects

+ 3:30 –  Frederik Duerinck
+ 3:50 –  TBD
+ 4:10 –  Grace Boyle + Nadjib Achaibou: Scent in the context of VR

4:30 –  BREAK

+ 4:50Cat Jones: Scent and social engagement
+ 5:10 Maki Ueda: Working with scent in the public realm
+ 5:30 Spyros Drosopoulos: Unexpected pairings
+ 5:50Claus Noppeney: Scent in anosmic settings

+ 6:10 –  Wolfgang Georgsdorf: Building for public experience

+ Daniela Gesundheit + Spyros Drosopoulos


More information and full schedule can be found here


The Experimental Scent Summit is being produced as an ancillary program to The Art and Olfaction Awards, which take place on May 6, 2017 at Silent Green Kulturquartier in Berlin. More information on the awards can be found here.



Klara_SmallKlara Ravat is an olfactory artist an experimental filmmaker. By opposing the division between the realm of memory and the realm of experience, Ravat absorbs the tradition of remembrance art into daily practice. By investigating the concept of landscape in an adventurous and exploratory way, she wants to amplify the wonderment of the spectator by creating compositions or settings that generate tranquil poetic images that leave traces and balances on the edge of alienation and recognition.

After studying qualitative trend research in Barcelona Klara moved to The Netherlands where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (ArtScience at The Royal Academy of Arts). At the same time she studied Psychology at the Open University of Catalonia. Ravat is the founder of the Smell Lab, a community project for investigation and practice focused on the art and science of the sense of smell, based in the art space Spektrum, Berlin, Germany.

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SWB_250pxFormer co-director of Los Angeles’ seminal Silver Lake Film Festival, programmer and juror for film festivals such as Slamdance and Gen Art, Saskia Wilson-Brown headed up the international filmmaker outreach and development arm of Al Gore’s Current TV.

Saskia has spoken at a wide range of events and conferences (Sundance, Open Video Conference and Power to the Pixel, amongst others), has served as an industry mentor at SXSW Film, and has contributed as a writer to publications such as WorkBook Project and Filmmaker Magazine. As a consulting producer, she has lent her support to media projects and initiatives around new models in filmmaking or the arts, including the peer-to-peer distribution system Vodo,, Open Video Alliance/ Workbook Project Filmmaker Summit, Lance Weiler’s DIY Days, TED Conference’s TEDActive Innovation Lab, and special independent film programs such as the biennial Ultra Fabulous: Beyond Drag and the screening series Cinema Speakeasy, which she founded in 2009.

In 2012, her interest in experimental spaces led her to create The Institute for Art and Olfaction, a non-profit arts organization devoted to experimentation and education in perfumery. As head of the IAO, she has spoken at institutions including The Getty Center, The Getty Villa, Goethe Institut, Hammer Museum, Danish Film Institute, National Media Museum UK, Natural History Museum Los Angeles, Huntington Library, Wallace Collection, Otis College, Watts Gallery and many more.

In 2013 she launched the Art and Olfaction Awards, an international awards mechanism for independent, artisan and experimental perfumers.

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iao_logo_est_125pxFounded in 2012, The Institute for Art and Olfaction is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit devoted to advancing public, artistic and experimental engagement with scent.

We do this by initiating and supporting arts projects that utilize the medium of scent, by providing accessible and affordable education in our experimental laboratory, our project space as well as in partnership with institutions and community groups, and by celebrating excellence in independent, artisan and experimental perfumery through our yearly award mechanism, The Art and Olfaction Awards. Through these efforts, we extend the world of scent beyond its traditional boundaries of appreciation and use.