Sarah Baker Perfumes – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Artist: Sarah Baker
Ashley Eden Kessler (Studio Sentir / IAO)
Sarah McCartney (4160 Tuesdays)
April 1 – 28, 2017

Private View:
Saturday April 1st, 2017
7-9pm at the IAO
Open to the public




17758377_1178308235625479_1391610655315011525_oOn April 1, 2017, London-based artist Sarah Baker presents her new fragrance collection, Sarah Baker Perfumes, at The Institute for Art and Olfaction in Los Angeles.

Sarah Baker Perfumes will transform the IAO gallery and storefront into an escapade for the senses; a place where visitors will be swept away into a world of decadence and desire.

Baker began to develop her perfume line in 2013, working with the Institute of Art and Olfaction and perfumer Ashley Eden Kessler.

Each scent of the Sarah Baker Perfumes line is inspired by classic luxury fabric motifs found in high-fashion labels, therefore conjuring glamorous sceneries. Leopard, Greek Keys, Lace, and Tartan each evoke a different fantasy experience: while one will take you on a wild chauffeur night uptown, downtown and across the city, another will recall a blazing open fire in a Highlands pub.

No stranger to the worlds of fashion and glamour, Baker’s artwork explores celebrity, advertising and the marketing of luxury brands, and has taken form in works including celebrity style self-portraiture, daytime and prime time television soap operas, and a live telenovella performed at the National Theatre Studio, London.

The concept of producing a perfume line stemmed from a larger fictional narrative that Baker has constructed, first taking form in Impirioso, a 30 minute episode about a woman brought down by her obsession with luxury branding. In keeping with the depth and diversity of her work, Baker has told this story through the film, a stage play, photographs, and these exclusive artisanal fragrances.

The scents have been crafted by independent perfumers Ashley Eden Kessler (Studio Sentir, Los Angeles) and Sarah McCartney (4160 Tuesdays, London).

At the IAO, she will exhibit the scents along with photographic displays and windows.


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4bc5c69e1cfabebe5c0ead323a9a2a5eSarah Baker’s work considers the mystique of luxury products and how their branding and subsequent value is created through the highly fictive practices of advertising and marketing. Her media include magazine spreads, performance, sculpture and video and look to articulate a discourse on systems of display and the value placed on consumer brands through the cult of celebrity, fashion and design.

Born in Buffalo, New York, Sarah Baker received her BFA at The San Francisco Art Institute and her MFA at Goldsmiths College. Sarah currently lives and works in London.



A TV mini-series episode made by artist Sarah Baker, Impirioso explores luxury, adultery, scandal, and the constructs of dramatic television. Following the fictional fashion brand Impirio Rosso, Impirioso portrays the sordid affairs of luxury-obsessed Luccia Rosso, brought to life by actress Olivia d’Abo (Conan the Destroyer, The Wonder Years).

Impirioso was inspired by the true story of Patricia Reggiani-Gucci, who served time in prison for killing her husband, Maurizzio Gucci.

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