Sarah Baker Perfumes – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Artist: Sarah Baker
Ashley Eden Kessler (Studio Sentir / IAO)
Sarah McCartney (4160 Tuesdays)
April 1 – 28, 2017



'Leopard' still life by Sarah BakerOn April 1, 2017, Sarah Baker presents the United States launch of her new fragrance collection, Sarah Baker Perfumes, at The Institute for Art and Olfaction in Los Angeles.

From April 1 to April 28, Sarah Baker Perfumes will transform the IAO gallery and storefront into an escapade for the senses; a place where visitors will be swept away into a world of decadence and desire.

Come to the glamorous launch of Sarah Baker Perfumes and we will help you indulge in this new line of luxurious fragrances.






'Tartan' still life by Sarah BakerNo stranger to the worlds of fashion and glamour, Baker’s exploration of the fictional narrative of celebrity, advertising and marketing of luxury brands has taken form in works including celebrity style self-portraiture, a daytime television soap opera made with local residents in Buffalo NY and a live performed telenovella at the National Theatre Studio.

In late 2013, Baker began to conceptualize a series of scents  inspired by fabrics used in her fictional Impirio Rosso fashion brand, led by the fashion maven-cum-murderess Luccia Rosso – a woman haunted by the vengeful ghost of her late husband.

The scents have since been crafted by independent perfumers Ashley Eden Kessler (Studio Sentir, Los Angeles) and Sarah McCartney (4160 Tuesdays, London). Leopard, Greek Keys, Lace, and Tartan are inspired by luxury, wealth, and the expensive fabrics that Luccia Rosso’s fashion brand has become known for.

Each of the four exciting new fragrances in the Sarah Baker Perfume line evokes a different fantasy experience: While one will take you on a yacht ride in the Greek Islands, another will recall a blazing open fire in a Highlands pub.

The perfumes play into a larger narrative that Sarah has constructed around the fashion brand and its erstwhile leader – a story of murder, incest, intrigue, and fortunes won, lost and won again.

In keeping with her work, Sarah tells the story across several mediums: A film, a stage play, visual works, and of course these exclusive, conceptual scents.

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4bc5c69e1cfabebe5c0ead323a9a2a5eLondon-based artist Sarah Baker is interested in the cult of celebrity and the dramatic personas of American soap opera. Although her characters and the luxury items they endorse are often the products of her imagination, she has so effectively developed the airs and graces of genuine soap stars that audiences may try to recall whether they’ve seen the ‘stars’ or their products before.

Much of Baker’s career has revolved around making her own films – most recently 2013’s Impirioso – her story of a wealth and fame obsessed fashion heiress who murders her husband when he sells the family fashion business.

Sarah Baker’s diverse practice encompasses various other modalities beyond film – from magazine spreads, and posters, to sculpture and performance. Her fictional fashion label Rocco Rosso produces commodity objects, and her video works are like television episodes where plotlines about the dichotomy of luxury and greed reflect on a world where materiality triggers the demise of collective reason.

Baker began to develop her perfume line ‘Sarah Baker Perfumes’ in 2013, working with the Institute of Art and Olfaction in Los Angeles.

Born in Buffalo, New York, Sarah Baker received her BFA at The San Francisco Art Institute and her MFA at Goldsmiths College. Sarah currently lives and works in London.