LINDSEY MYSSE – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Lindsey Mysse is an IAO Research Fellow

LindseyMysse_EaudeRiot_250x300Lindsey Mysse is an artist, designer and software developer who splits his time between Los Angeles, CA and Boston, MA. His interests are in how people interact and communicate big ideas with technology and the urban space. He has done plenty of web work, as well as consulted on installation, architecture and technology art pieces. He has spoken about interactivity, product design and web technologies at MIT and Tufts University.


The IAO is pleased to support Lindsey Mysse’s research around scent and protest. His research project will culminate in a series of objects he is calling – collectively – Eau de Riot. The central object will be a dispenser that utilizes the same aesthetic and similar chemical reaction of a CS Crowd Control Grenade (also known as a tear gas canister), and yet produces a pleasing, gentle scent. The project will also culminate in a site-specific public art intervention in Beverly Hills.