MIKE SAIJO – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Mike Saijo is an IAO Research Fellow

MikeSaijoWAVEMike Saijo studied Fine Art at Pasadena Art Center College of Design. He has been exploring notions of space, cultural identity, psychological history, ethics, and the nature of reality through his artwork. In the past 12 years he has been exploring the past, making art using pages of old discarded books, in contrast he recently has shifted into 3D digital video art and building a platform for virtual reality to explore the notion of our present situation. He serves on the advisory board for USC Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery and Young Professionals Chairman for LANSCA. He also teaches art to special needs students and the elderly. In 2012, he participated in the 9th annual International Artist Workshop in Bangkok in conjunction with Pho Chang University of Technology, and the 1st Annual International Artist Workshop in Phisanulok at Naresuan University, where he started production for the WAVE project.


The goal of artist Mike Saijo’s research is to begin to study virtual reality and how it changes with the way we perceive space and time. Through his ‘wireless artistic virtual experience’ (WAVE), Saijo will give audiences an opportunity to virtually experience the artists’ travels, complete with sight, smell, and sound.  The project will culminate in late fall, 2013.