Limited edition art collaborations, straight from the H.Q.

Why do we sell things, at the IAO? Well, for a few reasons.

One: We like to support artists and perfumers (hence the limited editions of art work). And two: We like to initiate exciting programs, create access to the tools of perfumer and, of course, pay our rent.

Your purchase will not only go towards supporting the work we do educating and advocating for independent perfumers and artists, but will also support the talented people that we work with.

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accident_250x300Austin Young’s Accident by Brent Leonesio
Art Object/Perfume, edition of 100
A collaboration between Austin Young  and Brent Leonesio

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'Molecules', Series 1Molecules: Series 1
Prints, edition of 15
Gold foiled molecule prints, made for the IAO by AutumnSeventy

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kit_250x300Blending Kit: Winter 2014
At-home kit, edition of 45
Learn to blend at home with our curated kit

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bookstack_250x300Selection of work by AutumnSeventy
Type Book + Prints
Limited editions from the studio of AutumnSeventy

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Secret Editions No. 1: CultSecret Editions No. 1: Cult
A perfume by Josh Meyer of Imaginary Authors

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