Blending Kit: Winter 2014 – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

250_kit4Our introductory blending kits are designed to provide everything you would need to start learning how to blend (minus the refrigerated air of the IAO perfumery lab).

The kits were developed based on our drop-in sessions at the IAO HQ. Observing what people needed and wanted when they were first starting out, we included the perfect amount of tools and information – the things a budding perfumer might need to support his very first efforts.

Not sure about being a perfumer? Avoid the rabbit hole and just use this kit as a palliative. With a well-balanced mix of notes, it’s a good gift for a casual DIY-er. Just make sure you don’t give it to the kids: it contains professional-grade materials at lab dilutions, and aromamolecules tend to work better in a bottle than they do in eyes, up noses, or down throats. In other words: For adults only.

Winter 2014 Blending Kit
Limited Edition of 45 kits
$85.00 + shipping & sales tax, where applicable


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250_kitwinter2WHAT’S INSIDE
Fifteen 2-dram vials of aromamolecules
Four 1-dram vials for test formulas
A bottle for your final scent
A ton of tester strips
The graduated pipettes you need
A beaker
An instruction sheet
A worksheet

Our selection of molecules:

Propel yourself through winter and into the first rites of spring with our selection of aromamolecules. We added a generous amount of citrus topnotes, with some subtle floral middle notes and our favorite selection of warm, musky woody bottom notes- with a dash of synthetic civet to add a little dirtiness. If you insist on gendering your scent, well do not fear: Depending on proportions, this kit can make a masculine or a feminine perfume.

Bergamot (10% dilution): Bright citrusy top note.
Peppermint (10% dilution): Winter fresh mint with a kick.
Pink Grapefruit (10% dilution): Bright sweet citrus.
Lemongrass (10% dilution): Slightly bitter citrus.
Orange (10% dilution): A zest of orange.
Hexenol Cis 3 (10% dilution): Grass, to the max.
Cedarwood (10% dilution): Texas cedarwood.
Civette (2.5% dilution): Synthetic civet. Use with caution.
Ebanol (10% dilution): Soft, synthetic sandalwood
Frankincense (10% dilution): Woody, warm and resinous.
Galaxolide (10% dilution): A sweet musk, like fresh laundry.
Hedione (10% dilution): A light luminous floral.
Iso E Super (10% dilution): Woody with serious projection. Note: This cannot always be smelled directly from the bottle.
Rose Oxide (10% dilution): A vaguely metallic floral.
Safraleine (2.5% dilution): A warm leathery synthetic.