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IAO teams up with Cuba’s Síntesis in a scent workshop
August 23, 2017


2016_03_23_09_14_sinisterABOUT SÍNTESIS

Síntesis was one of the most popular bands in Cuba during the ’80s and ’90s. The band formed in 1976, after the vocal group Tema IV merged with several rock and Afro-Cuban musicians. They had a core of a traditional rock & roll band, but they added elements of African and Cuban music.

During the ’80s, they slowly built up a reputation, performing with such artists as Amauri Perez, Silvio Rodrigues and Donata Poveda. By the latter half of the decade, they were staples of world music festivals in every country except America, where they were prevented from performing due to the US embargo against Cuba.

In 1989, Sintesis released their first record Ancestros. Four years later, their second album, Ancestros II appeared. In 1997, they were finally allowed into the America, where they gave their first performance and recorded their third album Orishas, which was released late in the fall of that year. Yoruba Celebration followed in early 2000.

Síntesis is still considered among the most avant-garde Cuban music ensembles, and has become an icon of Cuban contemporary music.



In town for their concert at the Ford Theatre with Dayren Santamaria, Síntesis – “Cuba’s great Afro-Cuban progressive rock group” – is collaborating with the IAO to start developing a set of scents in honor of their 40 year anniversary.