Suppliers – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Our list of suppliers, posted by popular demand. We will update this often, so keep checking in.

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Naturals and Synthetics

Perfumer’s Apprentice *
Aroma-molecules in reasonable quantities, naturals by the great John Steele.
Ships from California, USA

Perfumer’s World
Excellent selection of aromatic chemicals and naturals, plus education.
Ships from Bangkok, Thailand

Creating Perfume
Good selection of raw materials & bases.
Ships from California, USA

Perfumer Supply House
Bases, naturals and aroma chemicals
Ships from Connecticut, USA

Need a kilo of ebanol? This is the place for you.
Ships from Pennsylvania, USA

John D. Walsh Company
Aromatic materials in large quantities, easy-access MSDS spec sheets.
Ships from New York, USA

Supplies reasonably priced synthetics and some naturals, also easy to navigate site
Ships from Kent, UK

Pell Wall Perfume
Small supplier of certain aroma molecules, managed by the great Chris Bartlett.
Ships from Shropshire, UK

Plush Folly
Selection of aroma molecules and naturals
Ships from Hampton, UK

Naturals Only

Aftelier *
Natural perfume’s Grande Dame Mandy Aftel offers a selection of hand sourced botanicals from her very own suppliers. Also: Chef’s Essences and Sprays, workbooks, more. Quality level = superlative.
Ships from Berkeley, USA

John Steele / Lifetree Aromatix *
The perfume world’s most fascinating people, hand sourced from around the globe, with unsurpassed quality.
Ships from Los Angeles, USA
Call Lifetree Aromatix directly, or order through Perfumer’s Apprentice

Eden Botanicals *
Naturals, and nice ones.
Ships from California, USA

Naturals, and diffusers
Ships from New York, USA

Hermitage oils
A very large selection of naturals, isolates and synthetics.  Also, mini profiles and smell notes on many of the materials – which is really useful for the more outlandish materials.
Ships from UK

Materia Aromatica
Mainly wild crafted, organic essential oils
Ships from Devon, UK

High quality essential oils and absolutes, and good for natural perfumery/skincare compositions.
Ships from Bühl, Germany

Wellington Fragrance Company
Affordable naturals, with some specialty materials.
Ships from Michigan, USA

Essential oils company, many certified organic with ECOCERT
Ships from Bromont, Quebec (Canada)



A company committed to supporting niche fragrance brands and new start ups – with top quality French Pochet glass bottles in quantities as small as one box, and a decoration facility able to screen print bottles in low quantities.
Ships from London, UK

Taylor Box Company *
Can do smaller runs
Ships and manufactured in USA / 401-497-3728

Alameda Packaging
Nice bottles and the option to have them printed
Ships from California, USA

Bottles and jars.
Ships from California, Florida and New York, USA

Bottle Store
Bottles and jars.
Ships from New Jersey, USA

Berkshire Corporation
Cleanroom supplies
Ships from Massachusetts

High quality, affordable beakers
Ships from Illinois, USA

Les Parfumables
Ceramic blotters and scent sachets, beautifully made and personalisable.
Ships from Limoges, Franca

Nemat International
Cheap and easy generic bottles in a whole bunch of shapes and sizes.
Ships from Northern California

You need to apply for an account, but their scent strips are the best
Ships from New York, USA

You can get good pipettes here, in bulk
Ships from New York, USA

SKS Bottle
Bottles and packaging
Ships from New York, USA

The Lab Depot
Pipettes and labware
Ships from Georgia, USA
Beautifully printed boxes
Ships from Oregon, USA