2017 Donors – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

“When it comes to cultural organizations and their critical potential to expand our
experience and understanding of the world, the IAO is in a league of its own.”
– Todd Lerew (IAO Donor; Program Manager, Library Foundation of Los Angeles)

In the days between July to 17 and August 18, 99 people pitched in to help us meet 125% of our fundraising goals.

The folks listed below have joined the Institute for Art and Olfaction (IAO) as one-time donors in support of our effort to raise funds for our 2017 and 2018 programming. We are grateful to them for believing in our mission, and for lending a hand. We won’t let you down.

Thank you to…

Jennelle Gould
Judah Abraham
Peter de Cupere

Ben Chase
Jessica Hannah
Lisa Strong
Paul Kiler
Sarah Baker

Gai Gherardi
Mark Allen
Sarah Horowitz Thran

Christophe Laudamiel
Fragrance Vault, LLC
Haley Van Oosten
Jocelyn Fullerton
Miriam Vareldzis
Nuri McBride

Adolfo Nodal
Mandy Aftel
Mario T. Gomez
Maxwell Williams
Ilene Hoffman

Catherine Haley Epstein
Nikki Alcazar
Shelley Ray

Amanda Feeley
Antonio Gardoni

Ann Onusko
Avery Gilbert
Bettina Hubby
Capsule Parfums
CJ Powers
Danielle Brazell
Dannielle Sergent
Darin Klein
Felicity Wilson-Brown
Isabelle Michaud
Sarah McCartney
Susan Barbour
Tanja Bochnig
Zoe Tambling

Diane St.Clair
Grace Boyle
Joy Silverman
Tammy Burnstock

Alan Hiroshi Nakagawa
Brent Zerger
Britta Daudert
Claus Noppeney
Corinne Fry-Rich
Emmanuelle Moeglin
Erik Benjamins
Harmen Biró
Jacqueline Steele
J Smith
JK DeLapp
Joe Merrell
Joseph Cassidy
Katie Holly
Katie Nestor
Klara Ravat
Kendra Gaeta
Kóan Jeff Baysa
Lindsey Mysse
Lisa Marr
Reda Valentinaviciene
Stephanie Orozco
Susan Goldberg
Susan Owen
Todd Lerew
Victor Wong
Wendy Hardy
Vita Masaliene
Wolfgang Georgsdorf

Alfonso Hernandez-Nicolai
Dana El Masri

Christine Giberson
Colomba Johnson
Julia Posey
Mia Grayck
Suzanne Adelman

Carlos Iglesias
Chris Rusak
Lorina Speder
Lynne’s Smells – L’Autre Parfumerie
Ryan Daily

Fleur de Point




It’s been several years since our last big fundraiser. While we’ve been doing a great job at running this multi-faceted non-profit, we are also coming up on a very busy time! We have so many new exciting programs to plan, all of them big, ambitious, community-oriented, and public-facing. Producing these new programs requires a little extra help.

What’s coming up:

+ A documentary film, which we are producing with Luca Turin (ongoing through 2019)
+ ‘The Remix Project’ – an international scent collaboration, with Spyros Drosopoulos (Fall, 2018)
+ A month-long programming block about scent cultures in the Middle East and North Africa, with Dana El Masri (May, 2018)
+ The 5th annual Art and Olfaction Awards, taking place this year in London (April 21, 2018)
+ The 2nd Experimental Scent Summit, with Klara Ravat (April, 2018)
+ Our ongoing workshops, classes, talks and public programs…
+ And some pretty cool other projects (and expansions), to be announced when the time is right.

You can see the breadth and quantity of what we get up to here in our archive and at the Art and Olfaction Awards archive.

This fundraiser will also go towards some more prosaic but necessary things like:

+ Non-profit Administration: It’s not very sexy, but the every day administration of a thriving non-profit is the crucial component to getting the more creative things done. Challenges include insurance upgrades, bookeeping, coordinating judging on the 5th annual Art and Olfaction Awards, filling out grant aplications and researching and implementing environmentally-responsible waste disposal.
+ Experimental Perfume Lab Space: We need to make some crucial upgrades to the equipment in our public-facing experimental space – including a new lab refrigerator, chairs, library purchases, and light construction.


The mission of the IAO is to make scent materials and education accessible to the people who have traditionally not had access.  We use the lens of scent, but we believe that through scent you can reach many fields – sociology, for instance, not to mention history, chemistry, technology, conceptual art, social justice and much much more.

Experimental transmedia art spaces like the IAO help us all. The IAO does its part by encouraging connections between disparate concepts, by facilitating the exploration of gray areas, by supporting artists and emergent perfumers, and by helping people engage in science, creativity and good old fashioned experimentation.

As a non-profit, we invest back into the community that we serve. Any income we have at the IAO is paid forward into the programs we develop – things like the Artisan Independent and  Experimental. Scent Fair with Darin Klein, the Experimental Scent Summit with Klara Ravat, as well as our artists-in-residence, perfumers-in-residence, and – of course – the Art and Olfaction Awards. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the past five years, we’ve hosted hundreds of events – many of the free, most of them public – that invited visitors into the wild, woolly world of scent. We did this on site at the IAO, and also in partnership with institutions such as Hammer Museum, Getty Institute, Danish Film Institute, the National Media Museum  in the UK, amongst others.

All this, to us, is worth supporting.



You have questions? Sure! We all do. Luckily, we’ve got answers. Email us at and we’ll get right back to you.

Thanks for your time. We hope to see you at the IAO in Chinatown in L.A. or at an IAO event somewhere out in the world very soon!