MEMBERS + SUPPORTERS – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

“When it comes to cultural organizations and their critical potential to expand our
experience and understanding of the world, the IAO is in a league of its own.”
– Todd Lerew (Donor, and Program Manager, Library Foundation of Los Angeles)


When we first started the IAO, we had what we thought was a great idea, but with very little clue as to how we would actually make it happen. Luckily for us, a plethora of kind, generous and proactive people stepped in to send us in the right direction. Several years on, many of them still actively engage with and support the IAO.

We will forever be grateful to these past and present supporters of the IAO: They are truly the foundation for our success. If we had a public park we would erect a statue in their honor. Alas, our public forum is digital, so we’ll have to make do with the online equivalent: A virtual wall of fame. 




The mission of the IAO is to make scent materials and education accessible to the people who have traditionally not had access. We use the lens of scent, but we believe that through scent you can reach many fields – sociology, for instance, not to mention history, chemistry, technology, conceptual art, social justice and much much more.

Experimental transmedia art spaces like the IAO help us all. The IAO does its part by encouraging connections between disparate concepts, by facilitating the exploration of gray areas, by supporting artists and emergent perfumers, and by helping people engage in science, creativity and good old fashioned experimentation.

As a non-profit, we invest back into the community that we serve. Any income we have at the IAO is paid forward into the programs we develop – things like the Artisan Independent and Experimental. Scent Fair with Darin Klein, the Experimental Scent Summit with Klara Ravat, as well as our artists-in-residence, perfumers-in-residence, and – of course – the Art and Olfaction Awards. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the past five years, we’ve hosted hundreds of events – many of the free, most of them public – that invited visitors into the wild, woolly world of scent. We did this on site at the IAO, and also in partnership with institutions such as Hammer Museum, Getty Institute, Danish Film Institute, the National Media Museum in the UK, amongst others.

All this, to us, is worth supporting.



Perfumer’s Apprentice
Ralph Butterfield
Barrister and Mann

Kendra Gaeta
Jeffrey Paul
Maxwell Williams + Julianne Lee
Sarah Horowitz Parfums

Conor McTeague
Thorn and Bloom Perfume
Vera Talarek

Amanda Feeley
Breanne Patterson
Brenda Benson
Colomba Johnson
Debra Piver
Elizabeth Bouinatchova
Elizabeth Newman
Jama Fowler
Joie Meffert
Kendra Jones
Marisa Marko
Pomare’s Stolen Perfume
Sarah Pae
Shelley Arnold
Timothy Van Ausdal

Fort Point Beer Company (San Francisco, USA)


2016 + 2017

Jennelle Gould
Judah Abraham
Peter de Cupere
Ben Chase
Jessica Hannah
Lisa Strong
Paul Kiler
Sarah Baker
Gai Gherardi
Mark Allen
Sarah Horowitz Thran
Christophe Laudamiel
Fragrance Vault, LLC
Haley Van Oosten
Jocelyn Fullerton
Miriam Vareldzis
Nuri McBride
Adolfo Nodal
Mandy Aftel
Mario T. Gomez
Maxwell Williams
Ilene Hoffman
Catherine Haley Epstein
Nikki Alcazar
Shelley Ray
Amanda Feeley
Antonio Gardoni
Ann Onusko
Avery Gilbert
Bettina Hubby
Capsule Parfums
CJ Powers
Danielle Brazell
Dannielle Sergent
Darin Klein
Felicity Wilson-Brown
Isabelle Michaud
Sarah McCartney
Susan Barbour
Tanja Bochnig
Zoe Tambling
Diane St.Clair
Grace Boyle
Joy Silverman
Tammy Burnstock
Alan Hiroshi Nakagawa
Brent Zerger
Britta Daudert
Claus Noppeney
Corinne Fry-Rich
Emmanuelle Moeglin
Erik Benjamins
Harmen Biró
Jacqueline Steele
J Smith
JK DeLapp
Joe Merrell
Joseph Cassidy
Katie Holly
Katie Nestor
Klara Ravat
Kendra Gaeta
Kóan Jeff Baysa
Lindsey Mysse
Lisa Marr
Reda Valentinaviciene
Stephanie Orozco
Susan Goldberg
Susan Owen
Todd Lerew
Victor Wong
Wendy Hardy
Vita Masaliene
Wolfgang Georgsdorf
Alfonso Hernandez-Nicolai
Dana El Masri
Christine Giberson
Colomba Johnson
Julia Posey
Mia Grayck
Suzanne Adelman
Carlos Iglesias
Chris Rusak
Lorina Speder
Lynne’s Smells – L’Autre Parfumerie
Ryan Daily
Fleur de Point


Ilene Hoffman
Quickstart Marketing
Adolfo Nodal
Atelier Fragranze Milano
Sarah Horowitz Parfums
Linda SivricanCapsule Parfumerie
Wax Poetic Fragrance
Angélique Glennon
Deanna Turcotte
Garen Riedel for Fermi Drake
Jacquelyn Morie
Joe Cassidy
Joseph Hwangbo
Kendra Jones
Krissy Simon
Krystal Gibbon Castro
Laura Hardy
Lumiere Soto
Michael Barton
Pat Borow
Raj Patil
Rebecca Leib
Susan Griffinblack



Peggy Wang
Marco Maffei – Atelier Fragranze Milano
The subscribers, at Olfactif
Kendra Gaeta
Jeffrey Paul

Mandy Aftel – Aftelier
Sarah Horowitz-Thran – Sarah Horowitz Parfums
Tara Swords – Olfactif
Adolfo Nodal – Cuba Tours and Travel
Bruno Fazzolari – Bruno Fazzolari Scents
Shelly Ray

Yechen ‘Jerry’ Mao
Neela Vermeire – Neela Vermeire Créations
Linda Sivrican – Capsule Parfumerie
Meshaz Natural Perfumes
Virginia Mabel Blanco
Lindsey Housel – Moonpenny’s
Matthew Armendariz – Food Photographer
Isabelle Michaud – Monsillage
Daniel Krasofski – LABdk

Paige Wery – The Good Luck Gallery
Dannielle Sergent- Cognoscenti
Tamara Burnstock – FotoFriendship
Michelyn Camen – CaFleureBon
Mario T. Gomez – Mario Tomás Perfumes
Bettina Hubby – Bettina Hubby
Synderela Peng
Naran Zorigt
CJ Powers – Scent House LA
Nikki Alcazar
Leah Faust – lfnco
Amanda Feeley – Esscentual Alchemy

Chantry 1975 – Chantry 1975
Daphne Gendrin
Ann Onusko – Indigo Perfumery
Sarah Baker Hsu – Sarah Baker
Jessica Hannah – J. Hannah Co.
Katherine Chan – Mad Perfumista
Sherri Sebastian – Sebastian Signs
Randi and Harlan Steinberger – Hen House Studios

Amanda Voss
Brooke Patterson
Minetta Rogers
Yosh Han – YOSH Olfactory Sense
Michael Coyle – for MIKMOI
Lindsey Mysse
Chelley Maple
Shana Nys Dambrot –

Joy Silverman
Patricia Borow
The Crushed Violet
Rachel Berks – Otherwild Goods and Services
Anthony Ferraro – Filmmaker
Mary Ellen Childs – Composer
Allison Agsten – Curator

Jacki Morie – All These Worlds, LLC
Laura Derby
Liam Moore – Odou Magazine
Eva Henriksson – Norra Norrland
Clare English
Bjorn Thoresen
Zandra Foreman

Ashley Eden Kessler
Dana El Masri – Parfums Jazmin Saraï
Christine Giberson
Veronika Krausas – Composer
Maggie Mahboubian – Lalun Naturals



Sarah Horowitz Parfums:
Beski Projekts:
Miniature Perfume Shoppe:
Bill Watt:
O. Berk:
PFW Aromachemicals:
Daniel Krasofski:
Krissy Simon – KCRW

Micah Hahn:
Karen Gilbert:
Danielle ‘Nikki’ Alcazar:
Marzi Pecen:
Samara Botane/ Nature Intelligence:
Victoria Jent:
Katie Holly:
James McHugh
Filippo Vaccari:
Mandy Aftel:

Christi Meshell:
Elena Steel
Emily C. Friedman:
Michael Medaglia (in loving memory of Tuli0):
Peter Sanchez:
Sophie Lee
Edward Libassi:
Bettina Hubby:
Mario T. Gomez
Arian Tibbs

Sarah Girgis
Adolfo Nodal
Anya McCoy:
Kate & Tom Green:
Greg MacLaurin:
Michael Butler
Yosh Han:
Felicity Wilson-Brown
Avery Gilbert:
Steven Gontarski:

Othmar Witteveen:
Ralph Butterfield
Danae Ringelmann:
Matthew Sultan:
Dalan McNabola
Simon Arthur
Maggie Mahboubian:
Tammy Singer
Synderela Peng:
Tamara Clothier
S. Bray, for Vital Research:

Sarah Leighton
James Saraco:
David Simon
Tim Palmer:
Filipe Cravo:
Sarana Mehra
Cindia Luest:
Sarah Jesudason:
Bradford Akerman:
Jeffrey MacDuffie
Massi Khodayari

Lance Weiler:
Jeffrey Plunkett
Allen White & Leslie Ann for The Miniature Perfume Shoppe:
Artemesia Natural Perfume:
Debra Piver
Sanae Barber:
Helen Frosi for SoundFjord:
Fhay Arceo for Tiny Rhino
Summre & Joel Garber
Elizabeth Staudt:
Andrew Clark
Georgi Goldman
Victoria Sigurdson:
Mark Rinehart:
Jessi T. Walsh:
Anya McCoy:

Laura Johnson:
Noreen Moustafa
Szu-Hua Wang
Jessica Decker
Cindia Luest:
Lisa Abdul-Quddus:
Julie Keck & Jessica King:
Kj Baysa:
Kevin Shah:
Joanne Bassett:
Allen White:
Veronika Krausas:
Adam Vine:

Dana El Masri:
Gabriel D Vine:
Nora Mandray:
Leah Lamb:
Richard Nielson:
Regina Gelfo:
Joslyn Rinde:
Anthony Ferraro:
Anthony Arrigotti:

Sage & Aleigh
David Falsberg
Moritz Rechenberg:
Gary King:
Jenn Su:
Nathan Branch:
Adam Eastwood + Franco Wright:
Anna Gerber:
Marcos Lutyens:
Jon Reiss:

Megan Sallabedra
Sissel Tolaas:
Dennis Park
Eric Vrymoed
D.M. (Wishes to remain anonymous)
J. C. (Wishes to remain anonymous)


We also wish to thank IAO’s esteemed board of advisors, who continue to support this initiative with their time, knowledge, and energy.