Volunteer – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Volunteer for the IAO

Are you an aspiring perfumer? A creative thinker obsessed with the possible impact of smell? A newbie who just can’t get enough? Join the club!

We are looking for a few good volunteers to come in on a regular basis to manage this beautiful machine we call The Institute for Art and Olfaction.

We need a handful of trustworthy, friendly, kind-hearted and self-motivated people to help us out with some of the basic tasks it takes to run a non-profit public space that deals with scent.  As a volunteer, you will be one of the handful of trusted people tasked with helping us maintain this institution. You will also be one of the people representing the world of scent to the general public. It’s an important role, and one we hope you would take as seriously as we do.




We need a little help managing the space during our open hours on tuesday afternoons.

Duties: General help around the IAO, including library organization, experimental scent organ clean-up and management, front of house duties such as greeting guests and explaining our mission, and project-by-project miscellaneous tasks and needs. We might also need help with occasional light space maintenance duties such as painting, taking out trash, organization, clean up and sweeping (but don’t worry, we’re not looking for a maid). Occasional light laboratory assistance work like dilutions or pulling materials.

In exchange: A great opportunity to see what it takes to run a non-profit, and to immerse yourself in the IAO’s community of artists, perfumers, curators and thinkers.

Time commitment: A minimum of one tuesday a month, 2-6pm


We are looking for a few good people who can give us 3 hours of time on wednesday afternoons or evenings.

Duties: You’ll replenish dilutions on the student organ, set the space up for Wednesday evening Open Sessions, and help new students get set up choosing materials.

In exchange: This is a great opportunity to become familiar with materials, to internalize best practices in a public experimental laboratory, and to learn how to use the scale to expand formulas. Don’t worry, we’ll show you, it’s easy! We’re just short on hands and need able bodies we can trust.

Time commitment: Minimum two wednesdays a month, 3-6pm.


Interested? Email us at Include a little statement about yourself, what you think you have to offer, and what you would hope to get out of helping the IAO. We’ll get back to you to arrange a meeting!