PROJECTS – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Part of the mission of The Institute for Art and Olfaction is to create a series of project-based experiments that incorporate various disciplines – from data to science, research to art. Indeed, since we launched The IAO in 2012, we’ve collaborated with institutions around the world, produced large-scale installation and performative work, supported projects by artists from the olfactory and contemporary art communities, and presented countless classes and workshops. From a scented film screening to a historic re-creation of a failed scent concert, a two-year iterative perfume project tied to a cross-country road trip to a smelly, gulaal-pigmented mosh pit – our special projects are diverse, collaborative, and the life’s blood of the IAO programming.

Each project takes the form of an atist-led collaboration, and each project culminates in a tangible result- whether it be an exhibition, an edition, a talk, an experience or simply a perfume.

We love to keep track of this stuff because – heck – we’re proud of it! Check out the menu to the left to learn about current and past projects, presented alphabetically by year.