Past Events – The Institute for Art and Olfaction

We like to keep track of what we do, and we imagine someone out there is curious, as well. As such, here is a list of the highlights of our past events, in reverse chronological order.

For upcoming events, please check our calendar.



April 13 – LA Noir Scents with Airbnb, with Saskia Wilson-Brown at IAO

April 08 – Four Hour Accords: Violet, with Ashley Eden Kessler at IAO

April 04 – Every Monday and Tuesday through June, Ten Week Materials Course, with Ashley Eden Kessler at IAO

April 01 – Opening Reception for Sarah Baker Perfumes, at IAO

April 01 – Every weekend through September: Ancient Roman Aromas, part of ‘Roman Holidays‘ program at Getty Villa

March 23 – 26 – IAO/Art and Olfaction Awards at Esxence, in Milan

March 23 – Art and Olfaction Awards Finalists Announced, at Esxence in Milan

March 21 – Ten Week Materials Course: Session 7 (Catch-up) – Marine/Green Aquatic, at IAO

March 19 – Whitney Houston Biennial: The Greatest Love of All, at 325 West Broadway, NY

March 14 Ten Week Materials Course: Session 10 – Fruity, at IAO

March 11 – Beginners Only Session, at IAO

March 09 – LA Noir Scents with Airbnb, at IAO

March 07 – Ten Week Materials Course: Session 9 – Aldehydic, at IAO

March 06 – The Future of Olfaction and Immersive Technology, with Selwa Sweidan, at IAO

February 28 – Ten Week Materials Course: Session 8 – Orange Blossom/ Rose, Continued (syn.), at IAO

February 21 – IAO’s Four year anniversary!

February 14 – Ten Week Materials Course: Session 6 – Jasmine (syn.), at IAO

February 11 + 18 – Aphrodisiacs: Domestic Magic and Seduction in the Ancient World, at Getty Villa

February 07 – Ten Week Materials Course: Session 5 – Jasmine/Orange Blossom (nat.), at IAO

February 04 + 05 – Natural Perfume Blending Intensive with Jessica Hannah, at IAO

PAST_2017JEANETTEJanuary 31 – Ten Week Materials Course: Session 4 – Rose (syn.), at IAO

January 26 – Volunteer: LAHSA Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, across Los Angeles

January 25 – SPECIAL Open Session – for returning students only, at IAO

January 24 – Ten Week Materials Course: Session 3 – Rose (nat.), with Ashley Eden Kessler, at IAO

January 17 – Ten Week Materials Course: Session 2 – Amber (syn.), with Ashley Eden Kessler, at IAO

January 14 – First timers only! A guided open session, at IAO

January 12 Magician Jeanette Andrews performs ‘Thornapple’, at IAO

January 10 – Ten Week Materials Course: Session 1 – Amber (nat.), with Ashley Eden Kessler, at IAO

January 07 + 08 Amber and Ambergris Intensive, with Ashley Eden Kessler, at IAO



December 29 – Airbnb Experience: Noir Los Angeles blending session, at IAO

December 12 – Post deadline for The Art and Olfaction Awards

December 03 – KColine residency: Opening Event, at IAO

November 28 – Submissions close for the Art and Olfaction Awards

November 19 – Accord-bulding class: Oud, at IAO

November 12 – Guided Blending Session – for First-Timers Only, at IAO

November 5 Participating artist at LA Weekly’s Artopia, at OUE Skyspace

PAST_2017OPENSESSOctober 20 – Guided Blending Session for First-Timers Only, at IAO

October 15KColine in residence, at IAO

October 11 – Ten Week Materials Course Starts, with Ashley Eden Kessler, at IAO

October 09 – Artist Talk: Claudia Corrales, at private home in Venice, CA.

October 08 Opening: ‘Dessine Moi un Arc-en-ciel‘ by artist Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, at IAO

October 02 – Constructing pie smells at KCRW’s 8th Annual Good Food Pie Contest, at UCLA

October 01 – Sound/Scent pairings at dublab’s 17th anniversary party, at Union Nightclub

September 29 – Guided Blending Session – for First-Timers Only, at IAO

September 20 – 30 – Claudia Corrales (Cuba) in Residence

September 20 – Fig Accords with Ashley Eden Kessler, at IAO

September 10 – Florals Intensive with Ashley Eden Kessler, at IAO

September 09 + 10 – PITTI Fragranze, Florence Italy

August 25 – La Chevelure by artist in residence Jo Burzynska (New Zealand), at IAO Project Space

August 23  – Accord Class: Violet with Ashley Eden Kessler, at IAO

PAST_2016EsmerAugust 18 – The Zodiac Nose with Mojave Rising, at IAO

August 13 – Beach and Marine Perfume Accords Intensive with Ashley Eden Kessler, at IAO

August 11 – New Works on Paper by Micah Hahn, Closing Reception, at IAO

August 10 – Beyond the Juice: the Role of Blogs and Awards, with Dr. Claus Noppeney, at IAO

August 04 – Beginners-Only Session, at IAO

July 28 + 30 – Motion Sensitive Scent Robots, with Chris Weisbart, at IAO and Machine Project

July 21 – New Works on Paper by Micah Hahn – Opening Night, at IAO

July 19 – Beyond Genius: Creativity in perfume-making with The Scent Culture Institute’s Dr. Nada Endrissat, at IAO

July 16 – Snowblink, feat. Inga: An Aromatic Concert, at IAO

July 9 – Weekend Beginner’s Session, at IAO

July 1 – 31 – Free Smells’ – a window installation by Erik Benjamins, at IAO

June 25 –  24 Hours 15 Scents release party – celebrating a months-long collaboration with The Firecracker Press, writer Eileen G’Sell, 14 St. Louisans, and the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, at Pulitzer Arts Foundation, St. Louis

June 25 – Happiness! closing event, with Los Angeles Design Festival/Chinatown Design Night, at IAO

PAST_2016PrintJune 24 – IAO gives a talk at Fifth Contemporary Night Out, at Pulitzer Arts Foundation, Kemper Art Museum, CAM St Louis

June 21James Beard Foundation Dinner, at James Beard House, New York

June 15 – Writer Andrew Berardini starts residency, at IAO

June 04 – Gardenia Accords class with Ashley Eden Kessler, at IAO

June 01 – Get Happy: A Special Open Session with Nicola Vruwink, at IAO

May 26 – now past later zine launch party, at IAO

May 21 – Tuberose Accord class with Ashley Eden Kessler, at IAO

May 20Happiness! by Nicola Vruwink, opening party, at IAO

May 07 – The Third Annual Art and Olfaction Awards, emceed by Zackary Drucker, at Hammer Museum.
> Watch the video, here.

May 07 + 08 – Experimental Perfumery Workshops with The Institute for Art and Olfaction’s Smelly Vials Perfume Club, at Hammer Museum.

May 07 + 08 – Artisan Independent and Experimental (AIX) Scent Fair – An international scent fair, where a selection of forty fragrance makers showcase and sell their wares in the first event of this kind to be held at a contemporary art museum, at Hammer Museum.

May 07 – AIX Scent Fair Kickoff Keynote with Lizzie Ostrom (aka Odette Toilette), & Panel with critic Chandler Burr, technologist Jacquelyn Ford Morie, and scientist Dr. Avery Gilbert, at Hammer Museum.
> Watch the video, here.

May 01 – Scent of Mystery – Scented Screening at TCM Film Festival, at Arclight Cinerama Dome LA

April 19 – Scent as Creative Practice – Talk, at Otis College

April 14Aleesa Cohene Artist Talk, at IAO

April 01 – Announcing the Finalists for the 2016 Art and Olfaction Awards, with Luca Turin, Mark Behnke, Ashraf Osman, Antonio Gardoni, Sherri Sebastian and Saskia Wilson-Brown at Esxence Milan

March 31 – Panel Discussion about Judging Artistic Perfume with Claus Noppeney, Marlen Elliot Harrison, Bodo Kubartz and Saskia Wilson-Brown, at Esxence Milan

March 19 + 20 – Beginner’s Weekend Intensive: Floral Accords, at IAO

March 19 – Workshop: Perfume as Creative Practice,  Sci-Arc Kappe Library

PAST_2016SWSXMarch 15 – Workshop: Exploring Scent as Interactive Story-Telling Tool (with Marcel Van Brakel, Mark Meeuwenoord, Frederik Duerinck and Wander Eikelboom), SXSW

March 5 – Newcomers-Only: An Open Session for Beginners, at IAO

March 1 – Open session for Atlas Obscura members, at IAO

February 27 – Talk:Froth and Folly: Perfumery in 18th c. France’, Getty Center

February 25 – Talk: ‘The Olfactory Experience of UFO Abduction’, with Joe Merrell, Machine Project

February 20 + 21 – Naturals Only Intensive with Jessica Hannah

February 13 – Tobacco Accords with Ashley Eden Kessler

February 11 – Heather Poon’s ‘The Garden of Death and Desire‘ opening at IAO

February 7 – Talk: ‘Greek and Roman Aphrodisiacs’, Getty Villa

February 6 – ‘Atlas Obscura’ Members’ Session

February 5 – IAO collaboration ‘The Eyes Are Always There’ by Joe Merrell at Machine Project

January 24 – Newcomers-Only: An Open Session for Beginners, at IAO

January 9The Masticator by Eric Vrymoed, opening at IAO


PAST_2016_SOMDecember 19 – Newcomers-Only: An Open Session for Beginners

December 18: Members-Only Holiday Party

December 17: ABCs of Perfumery with Chris Gordon of The Perfumer’s Studio

December 10: Phantosmia Story-telling session with Ghost Hunters of Urban LA, IAO HQ

December 5: Leather Intensive with Ashley Eden Kessler, IAO HQ

November 7: Newcomers-Only: An Open Session for Beginners, IAO HQ

November 6: Music + Scent at DUBLAB 16th Anniversary at The Music Center, Los Angeles

October 24: ‘Culture of Perfume in 18th Century’ France at Wallace Collection, London UK

October 22: Scent of Mystery’ scented screening at Danish Film Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

October 16: Scent of Mystery’ scented screening at National Media Museum, Bradford UK

September 28 – October 10: Dear Enemy by artist Christy Gast, curator Camila Marambio (ENSAYOS), ecologist Derek Corcoran and biologist Giorgia Graells. In Residence IAO HQ

October 3: Phantosmia, with Ghost Hunters of Urban LA, IAO HQ

September 17: Mechanics of Scent: DIY Scratch and Sniff, IAO HQ

September 5: Fig Accords with Ashley Eden Kessler, IAO HQ

September 5: Erik Benjamins – ‘Slow Smoke Slow Soap Part 3‘, Closing Event, IAO Experimental Gallery

August 29: Housewarming Party with Snowblink, Erik Benjamins + Bettina Hubby, IAO HQ

August 23: Sunday Morning Blend, an open session for beginners, IAO HQ

August 22: Vintage Formulas with Paul Kiler, IAO HQ

August 21:The Nose: Searching for Blamage‘, film screening with Alessandro Gualtieri, Raleigh Studio, Los Angeles

July 30: Gaming workshop with Simon Niedenthal (Malmo Sweden), IAO HQ

July 18: Workshop(s) at Henry Art Gallery, Seattle

July 4: Special Open Session: Beginners Only

July 1: Move to our new home in Chinatown

June 28: Manifest Destiny Closing Event with Los Angeles Nomadic Division and Zoe Crosher, Private Home

June 27: Froth and Folly – Perfume in the 18th century French court, Getty Center

June 23: Roman unguentariums, with the Miniature Perfume Museum, IAO HQ

PAST_2015_CatJune 13: Dirty Dirty Animals – Animalic Accords with Ashley Eden Kessler, IAO HQ

May 05: Little Trees Mural goes up – The Standard, Downtown LA

April 23: Cat Jones artist talk – IAO HQ

April 17: Second Annual Art and Olfaction Awards – Goethe Institut, Los Angeles

April 8 – 30: IN_LAB presents Australian artist Cat Jones, in residence through April – IAO HQ

April 4: Grand opening – Huntington Library Visitors Center, with scent component produced by IAO with perfumer Sherri Sebastian, The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, Pasadena

March 26: Announcing the finalists of the Art and Olfaction Awards with Saskia Wilson-Brown and Dr. Claus Noppeney – Esxence, Milan

March 21: Scent in 18th Century France with Saskia Wilson-Brown – Wallace Collection London

March 14: Newbies-only: Special Open Session – IAO HQ

March 7: Stop and Smell Your Dinner – Spring Edition – IAO HQ

March 3: The Molecular Biology of Fragrance with Christina Agapakis – IAO HQ

February 14: Launch of Bohemian Society’s ‘Sex Tape’, produced with the IAO

February 12: Love Potion No. 9 Scented Speed Dating, with Bettina Hubby – IAO

February 7: Aphrodisiacs in Ancient Greece and Rome, with Saskia Wilson-Brown – Getty Villa, Malibu

January 11: Animalic Accord class with Ashley Eden Kessler – IAO HQ


PAST_2015HildaDecember 22: Newbies-only open session, IAO HQ

December 18: Stop and Smell Your Dinner (Holiday Edition), at Thank You For Coming

December 13+14: Chypre intensive, with Ashley Eden Kessler, IAO HQ

December 7: Froth and Folly, with Saskia Wilson-Brown, Getty Center

November 18-26: IN_LAB presents Finland-based artist Hilda Kozári in a week-long residency.

November 15: Schiff Bases class, with Paul Kiler, at IAO HQ

November 3: Art and Olfaction Awards Submissions open

October 21-29: IAO Trip to Havana

October 16: Book release party for ‘Fragrant’ by Mandy Aftel, at IAO HQ

October 4: ‘Molecules’ by Micah Hahn, at 5th Floor Gallery

October 3: Stop and Smell Your Dinner, at Thank You For Coming

September 20: Accord-Building: Woody Accords, with Ashley Eden Kessler, IAO HQ

September 06: Elements of Nature #2 presented by Daniel Krasofski, IAO HQ

September 1 to 10: IN_LAB presents Montreal-based perfumer Dana El Masri

August 26 to September 14: IAO collaborates with Public Fiction + Mateo Tannatt on a scent for their residency at Hammer Museum

August 23: Scent Excursion: Retail Scents, Camera Obscura / 1450 Ocean, Santa Monica

August 19: Liturgical Bliss: The Historical Scents of Worship, IAO HQ

August 7: IN_LAB presents ‘Imitations of Life’ by Ben Chase, IAO HQ

July 26 + 27: Accord Intensive, with Ashley Eden Kessler, IAO HQ

July 24: oPhone talk and demo, with David Edwards, IAO HQ

July 18: Scented Dinner, with Castle Gourmet Dining, IAO HQ

June 24: The Social Science of Perfumery, with Claus Noppeney, IAO HQ

June 8: The Scents of Byzantium, with Saskia Wilson-Brown, Getty Villa

May 31: Aroma and Tea with Marzi Pecen and Yi-Ping Hou, IAO HQ

May 24 + 25: Weekend Perfumery Intensive with Ashley Eden Kessler, IAO HQ

May 21: Electronic Ether by Marcos Lutyens at Smell-Festival dell’Olfatto, in collaboration with MAMbo-Bologna Modern Art Museum, Italy

PAST_2014_AOAMay 13: ‘An Olfactory Archive’ opening at WUHO Gallery

May 11: Smelling session at Fowler Museum

May 8: Exhibition of works on paper by Sarana Mehra, IAO HQ

April 25: The first annual Art and Olfaction Awards, at Goethe Institut

April 19: Orange Blossom Accords with Ashley Eden Kessler, IAO HQ

March 29: Jasmine Accords with Ashley Eden Kessler, IAO HQ

March 15: Scents of the Silk Road, with Sarah Horowitz-Thran, Natural History Museum, Los Angeles

March 14: Big Move: Hello to our new home in Koreatown!

March 9: IAO participates in the Whitney Houston Biennial, curated by C. Finley, Brooklyn NY

February 20: IAO joins Big City Forum for a talk about transmedia art practices, Otis College

February 15: Rose Accords with Ashley Eden Kessler, IAO HQ

January 21: Historic Perfumes from the Osmotheque, with Christophe Laudamiel, Goethe Institut

January 18 + 19: Weekend Perfumery Intensive, IAO HQ

PAST_2014_TRIPJanuary 9-12: ‘A Trip to Japan in Sixteen Minutes, Revisited’ at Hammer Museum.


December 11: A candle-making intensive- from scent to wax pouring.

November 16: ‘Originally from Australia’ Erik Benjamins exhibition opening, with  candle compositions in collaboration with Ashley Eden Kessler (‘Slow Smoke’), in Olvera Street, LA

November 13: Empowerment Through Scent, with Sarah Horowitz-Thran, at IAO HQ, LA

November 06 + 07: ‘Perfume: Story of a Murderer’, Scented screening at l.a. Eyeworks. Thanks to IFF, Luckyscent- with scents composed by Christophe Laudamiel.

November 1-December 12: Four paintings by Franco Castilla, on view at the Institute for Art and Olfaction

October 29: Gayil Nalls: Exploring Chemical Communication in Art at IAO HQ, LA

October 25: ‘Social Ether’ with Marcos Lutyens, Arte Boccanera in Trento, Italy

October 16: Three Week Intensive: Making your strange scent ideas into a small batch reality at IAO HQ, LA

September 21: ‘Three Worlds of Sonic Scent’- three perfumes composed by Ashley Eden Kessler for our collaboration with dublab, at the dublab 14th anniversary party, Maker City, LA

August 9: Launch of ‘Austin Young’s Accident by Brent Leonesio’, at the final workshop for Austin Young’s ‘TBD’, Mack Sennett Studios, LA

PAST_2015SIGNAugust 1: Aromatic Literary Salon with John Steele at IAO HQ, LA

July 29: ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ workshop with Austin Young’s ‘TBD’, IAO HQ, LA

July 21: Premiere of ‘Dig’, at Bettina Hubby’s Dig the Dig dinner at Santa Monica Museum of Art

June 23: Perfumers’ Breakfast with John Steele, IAO HQ, LA

June 22: IAO moderates a panel at FRAGments, MorYork Gallery, LA

June 15: Brent Leonsio leads our first blending bootcamp, IAO HQ, LA

June 9: IAO and Sarah Horowitz Parfums present a garden-based scent workshop at Natural History Museum’s Centennial Event, Natural History Museum, LA

May 16: IAO turns LA Weekly’s Artopia dance floor into a ‘Scent Bomb Happy Pit’ of scented Gulaal pigments – curated by Mastodon Mesa, Chinatown, LA

May 1: Perfumer Brent Leonesio leads a workshop about aromachemicals, IAO HQ, LA

April 23: Smell psychologist Dr. Avery Gilbert leads an interactive exploration of synaesthesia, IAO HQ, LA

April 22: IAO at Cal Arts Print Fair, Cal Arts, Valencia

April 11: USC Professor of religion James McHugh presents ‘Sandalwood and Carrion: Smell and Perfumery in Ancient India’, IAO HQ, LA

April 1: IAO presents ‘Desire Lines and Garden Paths: Nine Years of Type by Micah Hahn’, LA Mart Project Space Gallery, LA

March 23: Our first open session (of sorts)!

March 14: Gabriel D Vine presents a Scent Session about Men’s Perfumery between 1986 and 1995, IAO HQ, LA

PAST_2014_YvetFebruary 28: Gabriel D Vine presents our first Scent Session about naturals, IAO HQ, LA

February 21: Inauguration party for our new IAO HQ, LA

February 15: Volunteer Day, IAO Headquarters, LA

January 24: Smell and tell, Los Angeles

January 22 + 28: ‘Cult’ – a partnership with filmmaker Mark Harris ‘The Lost Children’ and Josh Meyer (Imaginary Authors) – premieres as part of the live immersive experience around ‘The Lost Children’, at Lincoln Center, New York


December 14: Our very first event: A Meet and Greet, at Scent Bar, Los Angeles